Best Keyboards for Writers on iPad | 2017

Apple iPads all sizes.
All sizes of the Apple iPad. Only two of them are viable for writers. Only one is highly recommended. Find out what I’m talking about below.

We’ve had an iPad for the last five years, and there have been occasions where I just grabbed it and ran out the door – needing something to type a note on, an email, or an article. I’ve had a couple of junk iPad keyboards in the past – 2016, and I’m looking forward to what 2018 will bring. Currently, this is the best group of iPad keyboards I can recommend in 2017.

And, I’ll go a step further. If you haven’t yet bought an iPad and you’re considering it for writing fiction, non-fiction, articles for your blog – or something else… Don’t buy anything else but an iPad Pro. And, still, further… the 12.9-inch version is going to make your eyes so much happier than the smaller 9.7-inch models. Trust me on that.

Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad, using Bluetooth technology.
Apple’s Magic Keyboard with BlueTooth is the perfect fit for the iPad 9.7, 10, or 12.9-inch device. It feels almost as good as a MacBook Pro keyboard. Highly recommended.

The 12.9″ screen is vastly superior and will help you write like you’re using a notebook computer. The 9.7″ is just too small for writers in my opinion. But yes, there WILL be people who can use the smaller screen. If that’s you, go ahead and give it a try. To each her own – right? But, do not for any reason think you are going to pick up an iPad Mini, connect a BlueTooth keyboard, and use that as your daily writer! We have this small iPad and it’s just far too minuscule for even the most light-hearted tasks.

I created a list on Amazon for the best keyboards for writers using iPad below:

Recommended Keyboards for iPad Users

There’s probably no better place for writers to buy their keyboard, than at Amazon where you have the security of knowing the item is coming to you, your credit card won’t be double charged or copied, you can track the item(s), and once received, you can return them if they are not what you expected.


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