Write 40 Short Sex Stories and Make $500 More Per Month?

This was 1988 I'm guessing. The girl's name was Melinda. Her dad was an actor and TV producer. That's all I remember. She was an aspiring model and actress too.
This was 1988 I’m guessing. The girl’s was a model and actress going to an acting school in New York City. She has nothing to do with this article, just nice to look at.

I did some figuring yesterday.

If I sat down and banged out (pun intended) 40 short sex stories, it would come back to us in the form of another $500 per month. That’s pretty damn substantial – isn’t it?

$500 per month is like a Lexus payment. Here in Thailand it’s a very decent house payment and that’s exactly what ours is at the moment, or 10 nights on the town, and I’m talking outFUCKINGrageous nights on the town… not drinking in a yuppy bar in Tampa and introducing myself as Jesus and Moses like my friend Dave and I used to do.

I haven’t looked at it any more closely than what I’ve told you. Oh, well there’s some more information you’re not privy to, the length of the sex story – would be about 5-8 pages. They’d sell for 99 cents each at Amazon. They’d be easy to write, I’ve had some wacky adventures over the 26 years I’ve been having sexual relations. They’d read like sordid tales of an underworld sex addict. I’m barely twisting that for your reaction.

I figure I could write a story a day. It’s easy to write about myself. I can’t remember what the record number of words I’ve done in a day for a book was, but I’m thinking it was in the neighborhood of 20,000 words. I type pretty fast – 50-70wpm, so it all just spills out when I’m on a roll and it’s something I remember well.

Roughly a story a day… lets say 40 stories in 50 days. Then finding the cover image and creating the books at Amazon, would tack on another 10 days. Let’s say about 60 days to do this.

That could be a plan, if I had any interest in doing it.

Now, if you’re starting from zero and want to really ramp your stuff up – do this for a year. If you were able to stick with it and write 240 short stories in a year, you’d be pulling in about $3,000 per month just from your one year of effort. Actually, I was just figuring it out based on my success with a couple of stories. If you write 240 – you’ll get readers that read 10 or more of your shorts, and you’ll likely make much more than $3,000 per month. I also didn’t figure in the extra sales you’d make by compiling 20 stories at a time around a theme and selling them as new books with higher price-tags. I also didn’t figure into it if you have any real talent at writing sex stories – I don’t.

I think you’d be making more like $5,000 per month on this schedule.

To me it sounds real doable. Hell, I’ve got 200+ blog posts here, 300+ at my personal development site, 750+ at one of my Thailand blogs, I’ve got another 35 websites with minimum 10 pages each, and some of them well over 100 pages.  I’ve got 30 books at Amazon already.

Forty short stories in 2 months doesn’t sound like a big effort. Two hundred forty stories in a year doesn’t scare me either. Thing is, I don’t need $5,000. I need $15,000 per month in the next year. I’m not chasing small money any more, I made that commitment to myself – to my family. I’m done chasing under five $K per month. We’ve got that. We’re doing fine. I need to re-focus and go for the bigger goals.

So, I have some projects going that could maybe get me there in a year. They will also take a lot of writing, and it is even less sure than writing 240 Amazon books. However, the topside is WAY over $5,000 per month. The low side is probably $1,000 per month, but I can’t see that happening – we’ve lined up too many positives going for us. I think it’s just a matter of fulfilling our plan (me+partner) and getting there.

Anyway… so, if you are sitting around wondering how in the world you’re going to get $5,000 per month – there you are. You owe me nothing. Don’t send me your stories either because I don’t read that smut. Hah!

I’m not a good writer, you’re probably better. However, when I sit down and start banging shit out – there are few that can keep up with me, and fewer still that can do it as long as me. Those that work and bang it out – get the goose and the gander, Whateverthe F that means.

Writing to make a living is NOT difficult. But then neither is anything else. Just sit and do it. I like to say, “write your ass numb.”

It works.

  • I admire the way you are always pushing for success. It is sure to come your way if you remain determined. I sometimes wish I’d a bit more spunk. I make a reasonable living as a writer, but that’s probably all I’ll ever manage. I don’t take enough chances and prefer to play it safe.

    • MikeFook

      Hi Paul,

      I prefer to take chances rather than play it safe – I feel more alive as I do so. Many things don’t work out, but some do. Either way, it’s always an experience. If I was by myself without a family, like I’ve been most of my life – I’d take it easy and be happy with what I have. Because I have a family I feel pushed to leave them with something good before I’m gone. Basically the first 35 years of my life were selfish… and the last, though I can’t say “won’t be” – they’ll be less so.

      When is your first fight? You will videotape it – yes?

      • I have many many stories some fiction some based on real life

        • MikeFook

          Are you bragging, bullshitting, or you got something for us? Go ahead, give me one of your best – I’ll post it here if you want. ;)

  • I’m making progress with my own selfishness, but it is still very much a work in progress. My son has helped with this greatly, but selfishness can take on many guises.

    It will probably be a few months before I fight. I had planned to get in the ring this month but injuries got in the way. I do hope to record the fight.

  • richard monteiro

    Hi Mike,

    How do i contribute and make some money? Do I simply email you a ‘sex story’ and you have that published. I mean in order to make any kind of money I obviously need to write, and write I do. Just that I want to make extra money so how do I contribute

  • Hi mike , I am a sex story writer. plz let me know how to get the payment against my stories. wishing a positive reply from you,
    yours sincerely,
    Rani Madhubala

    • MikeFook

      Go to KDP.amazon.com and go through the process of publishing your books. Cheers, and best of luck!

      • Sanjay

        Can i write sex stories in hindi language for amazon kdp (as generally we read in hard copy of these type books. I belongs to india. I want to know also that What is fiction & nonfiction. Plz reply soon.

        • MikeFook

          I laughed because I knew you were putting me on. Then I realized, you’re not putting me on.

          Yeah, write your sex stories on Kindle dude. There are some guidelines layed out at KDP.amazon.com so you don’t say anything illegal (disgusting).

          Fiction and non-fiction. Hmm. Fiction is a story about something that isn’t supposed to have happened in real life, but parts of it most definitely did. Non-fiction is anything that isn’t fiction. Hope that helps. Read more Sanjay. You get Wiki in Hindi language?

  • Bill

    Good luck with your goals and thank you for posting. I think you are right about self publishing stories as ebooks.

    A writers group focused on producing short erotic stories for publication could put new work up frequently under one pen name and build a large catalogue more quickly than any single author could, building a huge customer base to support sales of new work. Even splitting profits, each member would make more money in a shorter time than working alone.

    If 4 authors wrote just 2 stories per month each, that would be 8 short stories to sell individually and 2 bundles of four each month–10 titles per month, 120 per year, all under just one pen name. If they helped critique and edit each other’s work, quality would be raised and each writer would improve skills.

    There, that’s a plan for you.

    • MikeFook

      Thanks Bill. I don’t know that many people would be keen on joining efforts with other writers. I guess if you can’t write yourself, you’d want to join a group that can so you can sell more than you would by yourself. If you’re any good at all, you’d do it yourself and work on making a living.

      I’d not write with anyone else unless Thomas Harris begged me to join him.

  • Shannon

    I want to know once I get short stories written hen how do I get them out there or on amazon? I love writing short love stories, sex plots, or straight fantasies that people would never even think of doing. Also how do you make covers like you said?

    • MikeFook

      Hi Shannon,

      Just go to http://kdp.amazon.com and upload your books and jump through the hoops.

      I make covers using Paint Shop Pro v 7 I think it is. It’s old, but I know how it works, so I can get covers done in an hour or so. I strongly recommend you hire someone to make you a cover for around $100.

      Best of luck to you…

  • corie price

    hello I have been doing just little short sex story writing here lately and was wondering how or who I could contact to get paid for my short sex stories. Any info that you can help me with would bed great full.

  • Anoms

    i am a sex storie writer i write a lot of stories but i dont know how to publish and sell ,So now is there any posibility that i can earn money by writing stories

    • MikeFook

      No, you’re not…

  • shilpi kumari

    eagrly wating to write

  • Sameer Pandey

    i had sex with anyone very interestingly manners. I love her very much and want marry her after 12th.

    • MikeFook

      Best of luck to you my Indian friend. But listen, if you’re talking about right after her 12th birthday, then I’m personally coming to India and kicking your ass.

  • Cutesy Ranjan

    i want to become a story writer

    • MikeFook

      With the way you’re able to express yourself, you’ve got a future in it! Best of luck!

  • Ashwin

    Hi Mike,

    Just wnt through the http://kdp.amazon.com website signed up went through the hoops as u said even updated my bank details now just need to write a story however still need to write a story still need helps understanding a few things though was self explanatory was a bit difficult to understand as to how much they will pay when they will pay into my account etc……

  • Bunty

    If I write 40 stories once .. Did the money will come every month Rs500$ or only once?

    • MikeFook

      If you sell something monthly, it keeps coming in every month. I have had income STEADY INCOME since 2007 from Amazon. Maybe 2006. Would have to check. Too busy to check. Cheers man

  • I have been considering doing this… Kind of in the same boat in terms of needing to support my family. My two little kids are my motivator… Only we are not doing well financially. We are a family of four making under 23k. I keep reading that this is possible. Write erotic shorts – produce several titles and eventually the money will start to build… Have you had any success with your endeavor? Even if I could pull 300 a month, it would help our situation tremendously. It’d be nice to pay both the power bill and the gas bill at the same time. (sorry, sick of living in poverty). I don’t know why I don’t just go for it. I worry that it will be a waste of time and another disappointment. So that’s why I was wondering if you have success with this. And also if you met your goal?

    • MikeFook

      Hi Ceirra,

      I think GO FOR IT. What is it that is stopping you from writing a couple shorts and putting them on Amazon? It’s anonymous. You just use whatever name you want. Amazon knows your real name, but it isn’t divulged. Sounds like you guys need money bad. Do what it takes and start cranking short stories out. Try to separate yourself from others doing it. I wrote about 6-8 short stories. I’ve made maybe $2,000 from them over the past few years. Not much, but then I stopped at 6-8. If I’d have kept going I’m sure I would have become much better at it and I’m sure I’d be making multiple hundreds of dollars – possibly thousands of dollars per month, every month from it now. There is no shortcut to getting $300 per month. Get started on SOMETHING and make it happen for you. WISH YOU LUCK! Cheers!

  • Rose

    Hai Mike,
    I want to publish my book on amazon. I have created an account on amazon. Thanks for being my lifes light.

  • David

    Wait… Amazon accepts sex stories? They only have that Romantic category there, so maybe you can’t go really wild with the description, can you? Because I do have a couple of stories written, and I wouldn’t have trouble writing more, I’m just wondering how… err… hardcore I can go.
    Any help with that? I would really appreciate it.

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