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This was 1988 I'm guessing. The girl's name was Melinda. Her dad was an actor and TV producer. That's all I remember. She was an aspiring model and actress too.
This was 1988 I’m guessing. The girl was a model and actress going to an acting school in New York City. She has nothing to do with this article, just nice to look at!

Want to Make Money Writing Stories about Sex?

[Last updated: 17 January 2019]

I did some figuring yesterday.

If I sat down and banged out (pun intended) 40 short sex stories, it would come back to us in the form of another $500 per month. That’s pretty damn substantial – isn’t it?

$500 per month is like a Lexus payment in the states. Here in Thailand it’s a very decent house payment, and that’s exactly what ours is at the moment It could also be 10 nights on the town, and I’m talking outlandish nights on the town… not just drinking in a yuppy bar in Tampa. Like I did in my previous life. Thailand is the party capital of the world. I’m sure of it.

Oh yeah, getting back to writing sex storybooks for money. I haven’t looked at it any more closely than what I’ve told you. Oh, well there’s some more information. The length of the sex story – would be about 5-8 pages. They’d sell for 99 cents each at Amazon. They’d be easy to write, I’ve had some wacky adventures over the 34 years I’ve been having sexual relations. They’d read like sordid tales of an underworld sex addict.

I’m barely twisting that for your reaction.

I figure I could write a story a day. It’s easy to write about myself. I can’t remember what the record number of words I’ve done in a day for a book was, but I’m thinking it was in the neighborhood of 20,000 words. I type pretty fast – 70-90 wpm, so it all just spills out when I’m on a roll and it’s something I remember well.

Roughly a story a day… let’s say 40 sex stories in 50 days. Then finding the cover image and creating the books at Amazon, would tack on another 10 days. Let’s call it 60 days to do this.

That could be a plan if I had any interest in doing it.

Now, if you’re starting from zero and want to really ramp your stuff up – do this for a year. If you were able to stick with it and write 240 short stories in a year, you’d be pulling in about $3,000 per month just from your one year of effort. Actually, I was just figuring it out based on my success with a couple of stories.

If you write 240 – you’ll get readers that read 10 or more of your shorts, and you’ll likely make much more than $3,000 per month. I also didn’t figure in the extra sales you’d make by compiling 20 stories at a time around a theme and selling them as new books with higher price-tags. I also didn’t figure into it if you have any real talent at writing sex stories – I don’t.

I think you’d be making more like $5,000 per month on this schedule.

To me, it sounds really doable. Hell, I’ve got 200+ blog posts here, 300+ at my personal development site, 750+ at one of my Thailand blogs, I’ve got another 35 websites with minimum 10 pages each, and some of them well over 100 pages.  I’ve got 30 books at Amazon already.

Forty short stories in two months doesn’t sound like a big effort. Two hundred forty stories in a year doesn’t scare me either. Thing is, I don’t need $5,000. I need $15,000 per month for the next year. I’m not chasing small money anymore, I made that commitment to myself – to my family. I’m done chasing under five $K per month. We’ve got that. We’re doing fine. I need to re-focus and go for the bigger goals.

So, I have some projects going that could maybe get me there in a year. They will also take a lot of writing, and it is even less sure than writing 240 Amazon books. However, the topside is WAY over $5,000 per month. The low side is probably $1,000 per month, but I can’t see that happening – we’ve lined up too many positives going for us. I think it’s just a matter of fulfilling our plan (me+partner) and getting there.

Anyway… so, if you are sitting around wondering how in the world you’re going to get $5,000 per month – there you are. You owe me nothing. Don’t send me your stories either because I don’t read that smut. Hah!

I’m not a good writer, you’re probably better. However, when I sit down and start banging it out – there are few that can keep up with me, and fewer still that can do it as long as me. Those that work and bang it out – get the goose and the gander, Whatever TF that means.

Writing to make a living is NOT difficult. But then neither is anything else. Just sit and do it as I like to say, “write your ass numb.”

It works.

If you want to make money writing about sex, just sit down and start doing it.

Do it today. Do it tomorrow. Do it every day for the next 50 days and see what you get. You can upload everything to Amazon anonymously. Nobody will ever know it’s really you. Amazon knows, but they don’t care. Use whatever name you want.

For some of you, this might be just what you’re looking for.

Making money writing sex books has got to be one of the most incredible jobs ever invented. GO DO IT!

Steps to Writing about Sex for Money

  1. Think back to some of your awesome sex adventures and write them down. Each one could become a book.
  2. Write the story of each one – a draft.
  3. Fill in the details of each story, I mean REALLY fill out the details. Decide what you’re going to call various organs and body parts. Consider the voice you’ll use.
  4. Edit as best you can, or send them to an editor you don’t know. For a short story, you might get a 10-page story edited for just $50. Depends how much work each story needs.
  5. Publish at Amazon KDP (kdp.amazon.com).
  6. Provide your tax info – nobody ever knows your true name and the books you’ve written, except Amazon. Really.
  7. When you have a number of books written, you might make a small website with all your books.
  8. Join the Amazon Author service. It’s free. You’ll create your fake bio there. All your books will be listed on that page at Amazon.
  9. Let me know how you did.

That’s IT.

That’s how you make money writing about sex. Don’t blow it up to be some difficult project. It isn’t that difficult. Sit down and start writing the stories. Embellish if you want. It’s your book!


I may or may not have written 10 or so short books related to the topic above. I may or may not have made over $10,000 at Amazon alone as a result of that effort. Hell, my mother could be reading this page.

If you’re wondering if it might work… yes, it definitely might work.

While I wouldn’t recommend every one of you sit down and start writing about your sexual adventures or misadventures, I can tell you that if you have some good stories to tell and you can write fairly well, you’ll do fine. In my case, the money was spread out over years, but it wasn’t a bad experience to get 10 grand for writing about crazy things that have happened in the past. Not bad at all.

I’m considering writing more actually.


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