I’ve been around a bit. I have a ton of stories and interesting occurrences. Here are some…

1. A voice in my head in 1993, as I lay reclining on my bed. “Alex needs teaching.” Then a few minutes later, “See what you can do.”

2. Jhana levels during simple meditation where I was focused on the breath.

3. A host of other strange occurrences during meditation – couple of dozen, including one time staring at myself in a mirror as I meditated and my head disappeared… later my body rearranged itself with parts in wrong places.

4. Spontaneously running twenty-two miles at the park one day when I thought I was going to run six.

5. The mother of my son telling me she’s leaving with my son the next morning to go live with her family.

6. Meeting the sexual abuser of the eight year old boy I was a “Big Brother” for.

7. Hallucinating on PCP laced pot my ‘friend’ gave me in eleventh grade.

8. I was offered a ride home at 4 am. by a 300+ lb Japanese guy that pulled up to the bus stop I was trying to sleep at because I gave my car to my friend that night so he could take this girl out he liked. The guy yelled through his open window of his car, “Hey, you going to back to base? I said, “Yeah, what base?” He said, “Hickam.” I said, “Yeah!” He said, “Get in, I’ll give you a ride back.” I jumped in. Was a few blocks before his hand was brushing my leg. I moved over. Then he put his hand right on my leg. I hit him about eight times in the face before he could stop the car, jumped out and told the people at the next bus stop what happened. They said that guy cruises around every weekend doing that to guys.

9. Girlfriend and I were on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Jeep stuck in sand. Looking for ride. Weird couple stopped and we got in their car. The guy driver wouldn’t stop where I told him to – it was like they were going to abduct us. I got a couple inches from his ear behind him and screamed at the top of my lungs – STOP THE FUCKING CAR RIGHT NOW! He stopped. I made that into a short-story here.

10. A white sphere of light moved through the window of my hotel room from outside and hovered near me for a few seconds. This is the most confounding thing that ever happened to me, and I doubt it will ever be topped! Full story here.

I’d love to see some of you repeat this post on your own blog – or in the comments below. Could be very interesting stuff. Make it five of the weirdest things if you can’t get to ten.