If someone was going to offer to pay you 2.4 cents per hour for the next year of work, would you take it?

There’s more to it of course… Make sure you read through to the end of this.

If you did the job, you’d be working about 10 hours a day max. But, you’d get paid 2.4 cents per hour for all 24 hours of the day – every day of the year whether you worked or not.

On the first day you would make a whopping 57.6 cents for your efforts.

Oh, did I mention, you’ be doing what you loved to do? You’d also be your own boss, having nobody at all to answer to – just you. You’d be writing short stories.

You could choose the hours you wanted to write. They needn’t be 10 hours straight through. Some of you could do it in 5 hours per day. Recently I did it in 6 hours.

You could even take a day off a week. Two if you wanted. Let’s say you took 1 day off.

You know what? This simple formula – could become your reality if you were able to do this for a year.

What would your income look like in a year of writing like this?

Day 1 – you’d make 57.6 cents.

Day 2 – you’d make 57.6 cents for yesterday’s writing, as well as today’s. You’d make 57.6 + 57.6 = $1.15.

Day 3 – you’d make 57.6 cents for your day 1 writing, 57.6 cents for your day 2, and 57.6 for your 3rd day = $1.73.

And so on.

After one year for just the first day’s writing, you would have $210.24.

After one year for the 2nd day’s writing you would have $210.24 – 57.6 cents (minus one day from the 365 days in a year).

And so on.

After a painstaking process – I came up with the amount of money you would have after 1 year of writing 5-10 hours per day… doing what you love.

$32,215.29 after the 1st year of writing 6 days per week.

If you never wrote another word – you’d make $64,072.10 the next year.

Sounds good – right?


If you stopped after just 6 months of writing 6 days per week, you’d have made $8,059.075 so far for the year.

At the end of that year you would have made $24,086.22 after stopping writing after just 6 months.

At the end of the 2nd year – even if you didn’t write another word – you’d have another $31,966.70

Sounds good – right?


Even if you stopped writing after just 90 days of doing 6 days per week you would have $1,995.50.

At the end of the year you’d have accumulated $14,048.75 from your 90 day effort of writing short stories.

During the 2nd year, even if you didn’t write at all, you’d have another $15,997.95.

None of this sounds bad, right?

But wait… it doesn’t end there. It just keeps going. Even if you stop – and don’t write any longer, you will still have money coming in over the next year, and the next. In fact, in all likelihood – the money you make will increase substantially year over year.

You know what? It’s actually better than this…

With what I outlined above, I was just talking about writing 1 short story per day and selling it on Amazon for 99 cents at the rate of about 1.7 per day. That’s about $17 per month, per book. Your book could be 4,000 words – or 8,000 – up to you. You’d need to buy a photo at Dreamstime.com stock agency for $1-5 on average, for your cover, and throw some text up over top of it in a graphics program. Even if you were horrible at this – it would take about 1 hour. It would take about 3 hours to learn how to do it well – there are graphics tutorials all over the web, I’d recommend the “Paint Shop Pro” graphics program, it is 6x easier to learn than PhotoShop.

You’ll need to upload the book to KDP.amazon.com and fill out all the descriptive information – all of which will take about 20 minutes.

Here’s why it gets better than what I already told you…

You can add SmashWords and your own websites to your book distribution channels – and make more money. With 313 books in a year, you should be able to make another $5,000 minimum, and probably more like another $10,000 in a year.

Don’t forget – you can also start packaging these books into collections of books – and offer them as a set for more money. Bundle 10 stories for $6.99. Bundle 3 stories for $1.99.

Once you have a giant catalog of books to sell, your book sales will generate other sales as readers look for more of your books. If you have 300+ to choose from, well, there’s a real good chance you’re going to have buyers that buy multiple books. Let’s say it’s a given.

Also keep in mind, that once you have a large catalog of books – there are many other places to sell them. You can approach smaller bookstores and call yourself a publisher. You can contact big players in whatever niche you focused your books on – and ask them to sell your books for a commission.

Other benefits to this program?

You’ll learn a WHOLE lot about writing and marketing your books.

You’ll free yourself up for a year or so after working hard for a year – to do whatever you want. Travel around the world if you want. The money is still coming in – while you travel, while you drive, while you’re on a plane, and while you’re sleeping. It’s such a nice thing to make money as you sleep…

I hope some of you are motivated to do this.

I am at least a little bit tempted to try it myself. I have a few other big projects that are taking my time away from writing at the moment, and that could generate even bigger payoffs. So goes the dream, right?

Good luck on this – or whatever it is you are in pursuit of today.

Sit down and write something… stop reading so damn much!


[Note – this is based on what I can sell short-stories for (99c) and at the rate they are selling for me. Your own results may differ. I do not know if my results are typical or not. I do know, I am not an exceptional – or even what I would call a “good” writer. Your results may be better or worse following this writing program. You’ll never know until you try.]