Apple's MacBook Air and Watch event 2015.

We’re an hour away from what is probably going to be Apple’s biggest blunder since the Apple Newton back in 1996 or so. Can’t remember. I did buy one of the damn things though! No wait, we bought two of them! I thought they would be a good database manager for all my real estate contacts. The handwriting recognition wasn’t that bad. Still, it was a badly timed device.

Is the MacBook Air 12-inch Retina Apple’s new HUMPTY DUMPTY MOVE?

If you’ve seen my video on the topic, you already know my views.

I’ll elaborate a bit here.

In one hour and some minutes we’re probably going to hear about Apple’s latest MacBook Air with retina screen. There are a number of dork moves in this one. Well, here:

1. 12-inches that is in the footprint of, or even smaller than the 11-inch MacBook Air. We need a 13-14-17-inch machine, not 12-inch.

2. Up to 2 ports. I said UP TO. One USB 3 and a dual microphone / headphone jack. Weeee…. sounds like a blast carrying around extra ports in my pocket. That’s fucked.

3. Slightly narrower keyboard! ha! What in the EFF are they doing? Narrower=dumb+dumber

4. Clickless trackpad. Dicking with the only thing that is absolutely perfect on any of the Mac computers – is folly. These follyful fuckers are actually screwing with the FRICKING TRACKPAD!

5. Thinner and lighter. This just translates into harder to handle and slippier off my lap.


Is THIS the ultimate notebook computer for writers across the globe?

Not unless you’re 8 to 12 years old with small hands.

So, what IS the ultimate notebook for writers in 2015?

There isn’t one.

I have the MacBook Air 13-inch retina. It’s as good as it gets, and it isn’t perfect by any means. I’d like it bigger, a 14-inch screen would be nice. Having it a bit lighter would be great. As it is, the behemoth 15-inch tank is the next option to get a bigger notebook. Those things weigh as much as three or four MacBook Airs. Your choice. The Airs with their lacking screens, or a 13-inch Pro which is as good as it gets, and it ain’t getting any better in 2015, and probably not 2016 either. I really hope someone steps up and makes an amazing alternative to this computer. Anyone?


Video – Apple’s MacBook Air 12-inch Blunder