If you want to sell one million books this year, you’ll have to sell that many books per day. That seems like a helluva lot, when you think about it.

If your goal is to sell a million dollars worth the books in a year, the numbers are quite a bit less scary but still, at $2.99 per ebook, you’ll need to sell about 1522.07 books per day.

OK, that still seems outrageous. But, some are doing it.

How does someone sell that many books each day?

It happens when the author connects with a LOT of people. The Bible is probably still selling over a million a year. Some sex books sell over a million a year, and some children’s fantasy stories sell over a million a year. The topic choice is crucial, but, there are many different possibilities. Didn’t the guy selling the “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” books, sell 1 million in a year? I think so. I just checked his site and he said the book has sold 1.5 million copies. Probably not just in a year, but pretty good – right?

Your main problem as a writer, if your focus is to cream sales, is to figure out what to write about -from what point of view – all while thinking about a target audience that is big enough to enable you to sell the most books possible. You have to either share a mindset with the masses, or have a conflicting mindset, in order to sell absurd numbers of books.

I am agonizing over this as I think about my next book. This next one will be a BIG BOOK. I want to hit as many people with it – as possible. I’d like to hit them in a positive way, and share their mindset… however, I don’t seem to be able to do that. I’ve tried on blog posts over the years and I’ve only had about 5 posts that really went viral – out of thousands.

I do, however, have a knack for conflicting with people. While not ideal, I’ll take it. This seems to be the path I should take in writing the next book – I’ll write against something that many people hold dear. The topic I can write most negatively about, with the most effect – I think – is none other than…


My mother will cringe and shout loudly in tongues of all nations if she finds out. Babies will scream endlessly in the background, once I begin. Lighting flashes, perfect storms, all that.

I feel a bit of anxiety about it too, I have to admit.

I have been thinking about god for many years now – since childhood. I was brought up in a Catholic family – or, rather, with a Catholic mom. She graduated when I was about 13 years old – to “Born Again Christian” status. That made it all worse. I knew at a very young age that prayer vs. no prayer – were no different. Nothing different resulted. For the past 3+ decades I’ve taken a closer look at all the fuckery of organized religion and I can’t be arsed to follow any of it.

There might very well be a god somewhere. It might be watching us, or it might be involved in fucking something else up at the present time – I don’t have any idea about that. I do know that it isn’t involved in the day to day horrorshow of life on this here planet. Wait a sec, I misstated that. Revised, “I do know that it isn’t possible right now for me to interact with god in any way and right some or any of the wrongs I see occurring on a daily basis.”

I can see this entire post going off on a tangent.

The point is – it takes a HELLUVA lot of sales each and every day to sell either 1 million books, or to sell 1 million dollars in books. You must think very hard about defining and targeting a group you’ll either write to, or write at – and in conflict with. Maybe you want to write sex stories?

Some of us don’t have a choice – the masses don’t “get us” and we don’t get them – we write to piss people off because that is honestly – all we can do.

I’ll give it my best during this next book.

What are you working on? Did you define who you are writing to or at?