1. Tug on Superman’s cape.
2. Spit into the wind.
3. Go fucking with the Amish.

[Image taken from firstimage.com who likely took it from someone else first]

Give ya a nickel if you can pick out the 4 brothers. Wait a second, are they CLONING themselves up there in Pennsylvania? WTF? There are 3 guys in the bottom row that are not just somehow related, there is more to it than that. I think I’m on to a story here…

I remember back in the 70’s, my mom had this infatuation with the Amish. Living in western PA., it was a short couple hundred miles to reach them – so we went often. Looking at these guys in the mugshots – taken for refusing to put a bright orange triangle on their horse-drawn buggies, I’ve come to a new appreciation for who the Amish are. They are NOT innocuous electricity haters… they are the Gypsies of the northeast USA. These guys look like they’d rip your heart out with their Wolverine fingernails and feed it to their hungry spawn. You seeing what I’m seeing?

You do NOT fuck with the Amish.

Thank god, Buddha, Allah, and the rest of ’em that there are no Amish (to speak of) here in Thailand.

There aren’t any – right?