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Born: Western Pennsylvania, USA.

Places Lived: New York City, Miami, Tampa, Honolulu (Oahu, Hawaii), Lahaina (Maui, Hawaii), all over Thailand.

Countries Visited: Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Laos, Burma, Malaysia, Cambodia.

Education: MA in counseling psychology; MCSE – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer; Venomous Snake Handling Expert.

Authors I Enjoy: Laura Lovic-Lindsay, Cormac McCarthy, Jack London, Hunter S. Thompson, Joseph Conrad, Tom Clancy (in the past), Anthony Burgess, Lee Child, Ken Kesey, Chuck Palahniuk, Thomas Harris.

Writing Career: I was in my mid-life prime when I realized – I have a lot to say. I averaged writing over 1 million words per year for years. I started writing articles to fill dozens of websites I created with many different topics. At one time I had over eighty functioning websites. Today – maybe twenty sites are still active. Recently I slowed down so I could figure out what to focus on. I like writing fiction. Fiction pays the bills and I’ll be writing more over the next couple of years.

Do you know how when you first start writing, you don’t really know if people are into it or not? You need that one pat on the back that makes it all worthwhile – and sometimes it never comes. Mine came from a guy that was still a stranger to me at the time. He wrote me an email and left a review on one of my books that really shook me up. Considering what he’s done in life, it was impossible to ignore what he said – he loved my first fiction book.

That was a kick in the ass. I realized that if he liked what I wrote – I’m writing amazing stories. So, though he credits me with inspiring him to start writing books – he inspired me to keep writing them.

Contract Writing

I have written millions of words for websites and hundreds of thousands of words for books published at Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and others.

For the last two years, I’ve been working on a project for a property developer on the island of Phuket in southern Thailand. I wrote over 150,000 words of content for that website.

I write fiction for myself, and for my readers. I have only recently begun accepting long articles for websites. Power-Pages are my specialty (3,000+ words). You can see the topics I have some expertise at, and enjoy writing about, here.

My writing samples are here. This also includes some of the books I’ve written. I can proofread/edit manuscripts, articles, books, etc. If the job is beyond me, my sister who edits my books can help. Laura Lovic graduated from Penn State with a degree in English Lit and sometimes she takes on other projects. If you’d like, contact me to reach her.

Social Media and Other

You can find me on InstagramTwitter, and YouTube. My Amazon Author Page is here. My main focus is SEO – search engine optimization of my own sites and working on a contract basis for others. Here are some websites I’ve created. Oh, here’s my Photography YouTube Channel – Dialed Tech.


My expertise is in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, web development, internet marketing, writing books and long articles, meditation, Buddhist jewelry, and handling venomous snakes.

Specifically, my job responsibilities have included:

  • Provide clear leadership and management of the development of compelling web content consistent with established voice, tone, quality standards, and style guide.
  • Develop an editorial content strategy.
  • Provide recommendations for improving content substance, presentation and user experience.
    Manage homepage content and homepage update calendar.
  • Manage freelancer writers, including oversight on contracts, budget pacing, topic assignments, and content review.
  • Work closely with IT and other teams to develop, implement and improve content management tool workflows and other related processes.
  • Review, implement and approve content requests from business stakeholders, including developing content, designing presentations, incorporating graphics, page layout, etc.
  • Manage content translations with vendors for non-English versions of the website.
  • Write and edit content as needed, including marketing copy, articles, blog posts, social media content, YouTube descriptions and more as needed.
  • Create, manage and execute web editorial calendar of themes/messages around core messages and in close collaboration with the social media marketing team.
  • Define content measurement strategy and regularly share updates on web content performance.
  • Leverage web analytics, SEO data, sales data, usability studies, survey data, and market data to bring a highly informed point of view to content marketing planning.
  • Perform content inventory to identify gaps in content needs.
  • Ensure all web content is up-to-date.
  • Identify opportunities and act to build strategic content alliances and partnerships.

Other About Pages

Vern’s SEO and Web Development Services

If you need SEO for your Thailand-based website, you’re going to need us! Contact me through IncZen.com.


Vern Lovic


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  • Lilia says:

    Hey there! I’m putting together a video of our trip to thailand, and i ran into your timelapse from atop krabi tiger temple. i was wondering if I could get permission to use it. i can give credits on the video and in the description etc. i’m learning how to edit video and also how to shoot, so after 2 weeks of recording I didn’t get a chance to do any time lapses. if you’d like a fee for it, that would work as well. Its an epic shot, and I don’t want to climb up there again to try and get it! haha. Have you ever thought of listing your timelapses for sale here? http://videohive.net/search?page=2&term=thailand&utf8=%E2%9C%93

    please let me know! thanks!

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