This is one question I’m constantly asking myself into 2017.

When do I start writing full-time to see what happens? When it’s bringing in $5K per month? Six? Twenty-five?

I’ve just got a massive pile of projects on my plate that I just can’t see getting rid of until I’m killing it with book sales. I probably won’t be killing it more than I am until I go full-time, 100% effort, but there have been sales increases each month – with only a few exceptions.

Oh, before I forget… India has a hell of a lot of smart people that are into technology. There are many millions of readers on the Kindle – especially if the next iteration of the Kindle is anything to squeal about. New Kindles were just released, and they are always getting better.

So, now might be the time to figure out what Indians like to read, and get to writing.

It’s always a matter of figuring out what you like to write, that others will like to read – and start cranking it out. If you can crank more of it out before someone else, you get in the space first and it will be hard to knock you out. Sure your books have to be decent. There are plenty of just decent writers jamming on Amazon at the moment. There will be many more in the near future – why not be one?

All great writers started by writing slop.

That’s what I’m telling myself in 2017. You should say it out loud to yourself often as well.

It gives you a license to be imperfect. That’s something we could all use.

So, whether it’s $2K or $5K per month you need to launch yourself full-time into the business – you’ll never know until you start writing a lot and make that much.

Do yourself a favor and read some of my books. You’ll get the idea. I put everything I have into my books – but, I’m not John Keats. I wrote another million words this year like I have for the previous three. Book sales are up a few thousand percent since I joined Amazon and started writing specifically for the Kindle readers. I’m doing nowhere near what Hugh Howey is doing at Amazon, but hopefully I’m just on the slow boat down the same river.

Guess what? Nobody before 1870 wrote a million words per year. Since the typewriter was invented, there are heaps of people who can crank that out. If you can be one – you can be making bank. Technology is here to help us do it!

I’m on to something here. You could be too – I’m sure of it. Get your plan in motion and start hitting the keypad… banging it out.

Write only about topics you like.

Just start writing people… no sense wasting this, the best time in history…

Tap-tap tap tapataptaptap…