This is typically something that happens when you think you’re having a great experience.

Pink sunset over southern Thailand townFor me it was a sunset taking place over a southern Asian town. It was breathtaking, and the colors in the sky were changing constantly. If I stopped taking photos for even 10 seconds already the sky had changed and I felt like I was missing something. I was amazed at it. The beauty, the scale of it. God’s canvas, right? Surely this must be something the creator gave us to enjoy.

Like a good Pizza from Joe’s in The Village around 18th street (I forget the exact address). But that’s another story entirely. A sick one at that.

But back to this story…

Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of reality during your peak experience. Maybe a bird will drop a bomb on your head. Maybe you’re sitting on a group of red ants. Maybe a centipede found the area between your foot and sandal ideally wet and warm after your climb up the hill to see the amazing sunset.

Sunset, volcanic orange sky.Or maybe nothing negative happens to you. As far as you’re concerned you haven’t a care in the world. You’re at one with the awesome experience and you’re blissed out.

But, if you happened to look around for a second you might see something that doesn’t mesh with the peak experience. It’s always there, in memory if not within your field of vision. I’d hope it’s somewhere close to top of mind. It’s always there for me.

For me, in this case it was whining at my feet. It was a dog that I see every time I come up to see the sunset. Well, most times. He’s a horribly suffering beast that is just one of tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands? Millions?) in Thailand. Thais’ don’t have the same sense of duty to take care of animals as most of us in the USA. They tend to let them go and do as they will, have offspring as they will. Get hit by cars as they will. Get sick as they will. Live and die as they will. It’s a ‘hands-off’ approach I guess you could say.

And, what duty do we have toward dogs anyway? Why this special feeling toward dogs and not rats? Rats can be tamed. Bears and wild jaguars can be tamed. Why not the same nurturing of animals other than cats, dogs and ferrets? Not sure. For myself I feel the pain of all of them. It’s disgusting that their normal state of being is not to be without fleas, ticks, mange. That’s what aim for in the USA with our pets – but what we don’t really get, is that whatever created this whole mess – screwed the animals really good.

I can never really enjoy a sunset because this poor dog is there all the time, reminding me – life blows man. Life is sucking hard every single day not only for the people of this world, but for the animals. Maybe WORSE for the animals – who’s to say?

This dog has mange on his butt, his scrotum, his shoulders, his ear, close to his right eye and on various parts of his legs. He is unceasingly scratching and biting at his cracked, falling off and openly bleeding skin. This is his normal state. He is suffering from the time he’s awake. Add to that the Thais’ seeming indifference to when or if he gets fed.

Dog with mangeHe’s hungry every time I see him. I bring him a container of fatty milk and either some dog food or cookies when I come up. He wolfs it all down at once. He’s insatiable. Guess he figures better get it while he can.

It’s funny how many people want to tell me the great things about life… about living this nutty game. They point out that I have it pretty good. I have my health. I have enough food everyday. I have an income – though small, using the computer to create blogs and run ads on them. I’m mentally OK. I have no genetic anomalies. I have all my fingers and toes, the right number of noses and things.

I guess I should clarify.

I’m not angry at the state of existence of man and animal-kind for myself. I understand I have things better than 99% of the entire world. I’m disgusted and outraged at the state of others’ problems. Sure, my life has been up and down but for the most part – WAY UP. There’s nothing for me to gripe about in my life except just the monotony and sickness of it that other people have to go through. Kids born to crack addicted prostitute moms might just be the most horrible way to enter the world I can think of. No wait, what about being born without arms, legs, blind and deaf?

I really feel for the people that are having a horror-show life. Animals too.

Don’t you?