I’ve finally said, FUCK MY FOOT tonight.

Before you chalk it up to inebriation… I’ve only had one beer. Sure, it’s a 22-ounce “Leo” beer here in Thailand and who knows how much alcohol made its way into this batch, but supposedly it’s only about 5%. I LOVE getting ripped on one beer because it costs about $1.50 and I’m asleep after the abbreviated high works itself out in a blog post or a dance around the room to Golden Earring’s “Radar Love.” And the latter just happened a minute ago, so here’s the post.

My foot is done giving me trouble. I mean I’m done with it. It has been 11 months I’ve been suffering with this bullshit pain between the 4th and 5th metatarsal in the right foot. If we had a decent doctor in the fucking country, I’d have sorted it already. As it is, I’ve been trail running, park running, stair climbing, and hiking rainforest in search of venomous reptilian nasties for 11 months as pain permits. I’ve not taken pain pills. I’ve not stayed off it longer than 2 months after the initial excruciating pain when I broke(?) it on the 4,200+ stairs (done twice) on Malaysia’s amazing “Langkawi Island” back in December 2014 and followed that up with torturous climbs one after another on another mountain peak trail here in Thailand.

I’m done suffering. I’m going to either break this fucking foot GOOD or, it’s going to adapt. Starting tomorrow I’m going to exercise like I have the energy for, and not worrying about this goddamned foot. I’m done man. I’ve never been this debilitated ever in my life and I’m absolutely DONE WITH IT.

Now, either I show the foot who’s the effing boss, or the foot just breaks and I put a cast on it. No more fartfucking around with it.

I figure there is a better chance the foot screams with pain for a few days, a week maybe, and then gets with the fucking program, then there is a (another?) break.

Let’s see what happens.

I was supposed to have run an ultra-marathon by this time this year. WTAF is going on here?

I’ll take pain meds if needed. I’ll wrap it. I’ll rub the pain cream into it. But this thing is going to break or get with the fucking program.

I’ve suffered enough not knowing when it’s going to be 100%. It’s either going to get up to speed or break.

Let’s see what happens.

It hurts now. I think it’s a trick. I’m calling the bluff. Tomorrow I’m going to climb the mountain trail and shoot some video at the top and after a rest day I’ll be climbing the steps up the other mountain. Then I’ll repeat that until my foot makes a decision how it’s going to be.

I am SO DONE with this fuckwit foot.

Hope you’re physically healthy and able, there’s really nothing quite like it.

Cheers then.