I’ve been doing research all morning and I just got intrigued about this guy. He’s an author on Amazon. He is writing ultra-short stories and selling them for 89 – 99 cents in most cases. I saw one priced higher at $4.99. Keep in mind I’m seeing these prices in Thailand so I’m not sure if you see them as cheaper in the USA. Those that I see for $2.99 here are listed for $.99 in the USA, I know.

Anyway, this guy who calls himself Carl East from the U.K., is selling the hell out of his erotic short stories.

How well is he selling them? One of his books, “Thai Beauties,” is ranked at 5,058 out of 700,000 books selling at Amazon Kindle. I’m ranked at 15,000 with my best selling book and I sell about 60 per month at that. Let’s say he’s selling 150+ per month with books with that kind of rank.

How many of these couple page “books” does he have?

82 books!

Here’s the info for one of his books: My Little Girl
I haven’t bought it to find out what the book is about, this description lays it out. Apparently no subject is taboo.

Sonia has just turned eighteen but has already been suspended from college, because of something she’s ashamed of. When her father finds out just what that something is, he’s in for the shock of his life. The contents of this story is of a graphic nature and is meant for adults only.

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 16 KB
  • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
  • Publisher: www.smashwords.com (May 23, 2010)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B003NSC55O
  • Average Customer Review: No customer reviews yet. Be the first.
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #8,709 Paid in Kindle Store
  • #98 in Kindle Store

This one is 16kB, but I saw one that was in total – 9kB, called “Thai Beauties.” I thought it was an error and the guy’s upload failed. Apparently not. That’s the ENTIRE book.

I guess it all comes down to… I’m just jealous. This guy has created 82 ultra-short storybooks over the course of 7.5 months, and they’re selling pretty well. That’s an amazing success.

Uh oh. But wait, there’s more to discover here…

Where in the WORLD did he get the artwork for his covers? Am I missing something? Where can someone get photos of beautiful girls for covers of erotica at a rate that it makes sense for these short books?

He’s either: 1. Killing it. 2. Ripping off someone’s art.  3. He owns a porn company and has signed model releases to use the images for whatever he wants. Or, 4. He knows all these girls and they’re too happy to let him use their image for his books.

Oh look here… on one of his books, “Confessions of a Nymphomaniac” Mr. East left the girl’s name on the left side of the cover. Nice. Her name is Chloe Jones.

A quick Google search turns up a perfect match – she is a porn star in the USA.

Now, did Carl book an exclusive shoot with this girl for his $1.99 ebook at Amazon Kindle? Or, did she just give him her photo and tell him – “Feel free to use it any way you like Carl!”

Or, did he buy this photo from someone that has the rights? A possibility.

Is it a possibility that all of the incredible covers he uses for his ebooks are rip-offs?

To me – oh yeah, that’s a very strong possibility, but of course, I don’t know. Could it be that he just doesn’t understand how copyrighted images work? Could be. Maybe? I’m not going to report the image to Amazon because I just don’t know. Could I do it on suspicion? Nah, to me – the guy makes his own bed. If Chloe Jones finds out he’s selling books with her image I’m sure she has lawyers that would love a piece of his newfound success.

If he’s doing it all legit – he is someone we can all learn from. Does anyone want to interview him?

Aw man, this guy is really writing some trash. Look at this description of his book of short stories:

The tales within this book represent my best sellers and are as follows: “My Little Girl” “My Step-Father” “My Mothers Secret” “Big Sis” “Fighting the Lust” “My Son’s Slut” “The Mothers Sins” “My Son’s Friends” “A Fantasy Fulfilled” “My Step-Mother” and “The thrill of the Chase” I’ve set the price to less than half of what the originals would cost you. The stories are of a graphic nature and are intended for adults only. Twisted adults in some cases.

A number of his digital books were published at Smashwords.com. He probably has them other places too.

Just for shits and giggles I Googled him and found that he was kicked out of the APPLE store for his books!

Nobody says anything about the cover image being a rip-off. Hmm.

I’m going to guess that if he had the money to pay legitimately for the covers of his books he also could hire a graphics dude to make a nice title and signature for him on the books – what he has looks like it was made with Microsoft Paint – or worse.

Well, good luck to you Carl…


  • Carl East says:

    Hi Mike, first of all the photos were taken from Photobucket, which, if I understand correctly are free to download and use in a digital form. I chose to use them for my stories, but wouldn’t use them for a paper back. A lot of my tales are short stories, in fact at least half of them are. There is no need to be jealous of anything I do, because you or anyone else could do just the same. I only get the sales because of the genre, that of erotica, it’s very popular and sells well. However, my best stories are not the short ones. A good case in point would be “Vampire Berserker the Complete Story” it’s full of action, has an original story and includes sex.

    I guess I’m writing just to ask why anyone would create a blog about someone like me?


    • MikeFook says:

      Hi Carl, thanks for writing in to comment. When I found that you had so many short books in the Kindle store I wanted to know – is this a viable option for writer that can’t pull it together for a long book? I have trouble myself getting 100,000 words – and so most of my books are in the 15,000 to 60,000 word range.

      I wrote Photobucket and their response was…

      The Terms of Use specifically state that using content found on Photobucket
      may not be used for commercial use, which includes using content for a book or paper.
      Please be aware that Photobucket does not own any of the content on its site
      and cannot validate copyright ownership of any of the content uploaded by its


      Your Photobucket Support Team

      I didn’t mention your name or books of course, just wrote to ask a question if I could use the covers for my ebooks at Amazon.

      Since I was a photographer in a past life, I’m more aware than others maybe about what can and can’t be done with someone’s online images. Up to you what you do with the information from Photobucket, I’m not the police – just wanted to know if I could do the same.

  • Carl East says:

    Hi Mike, I’m glad you told me this, as I was unaware that just because the pictures are free to upload they are not free to be used for books. I’m going to have to change all of my pictures now, which will be a chore, but I’d rather be on the right side of the law.
    I always figured that if you could use them on your phone for free, then why not as a digital book cover. Oh well, live and learn.

    Incidentally, I would’ve let the story “Thai Beauties” go for free if Amazon allowed it, but unless you are associated with a big publisher they won’t let you do it. I would also have made the tales $0.49 but you can’t go below $0.99 so my hands were tied.

    That’s the only thing wrong with erotica, people will buy in their hundreds if the prices are really low, but releasing a book sized novel about sex and trying to get a decent price for it is hard going. A good case in point is “Hell’s Gate” it’s one of the most erotic novels I’ve ever written but because I’m asking $2.99 it sells about 10 copies a month, yet it’s far better than any of my short tales.

    Thanks again.


  • Darren says:

    The easiest way to attain images “legally” for book covers is to buy images off stock photography sites. Average price: Anywhere between $1 to $15, depending on the image’s popularity and the quality you want.

  • Bill says:

    Cool article. I’m not quite so prolific, but this shows if I just keep at it, I’ll eventually build up a large enough inventory of ebooks for sale to bring in a decent income. Who knows, if one of my books really catches on then all bets are off.

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