Amazon Prime Offer for Authors

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I woke up this morning to an email from I cannot disclose the exact amount of money that they were offering me, but it was pretty substantial considering I don’t make all that many sales of the book on a monthly basis.

The name of the program is Amazon Prime Reading. Prime readers can take advantage of this offer where they can borrow up to ten books at a time and read at their leisure. As an author of a book in Amazon Prime Reading, I get a one time fee and I continue to collect the regular royalties that come through book sales through their usual channels.

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Free at Amazon Prime until June.
The real advantage to the author in joining this program is that Sales Rank and Author Rank usually increases astronomically. This can increase sales of other books in the same niche.

For about the last year this book has been selling around 100 copies per month. That is not many considering the niche that the book is in. Other successful books in the same niche are selling thousands of copies per month.

This offer comes at a very interesting time because I was just considering writing another meditation book to help people get further in the process.

The topic for the new book will be something like 30 Meditation Tips to Supercharge your Practice. Or something similar.

Initially, when this offer started with Amazon offering Amazon authors money to join this program, it started out around $5000 USD for 90 days. Some authors are offered $1000 dollars, and others are offered just $500 dollars or even no money at all. Apparently there is some slot to fill in the meditation category that matches my book.

The wording of the email from Amazon was not very specific. It told me that I would have to keep my books in KTPAndAmazon select for the full 90 days if I wanted to take advantage of this offer. The money is paid to me at the end of the 90 days.

Some authors are saying they join the program only to have it take months before they were able to see their book added to the program. So they left the book in Amazon Select for that many months before it even started. Of course, some authors see this as unfair. An email to support usually cleared it right up, though not always in the author’s best interest.

I will let you know how things go in the near future with this. I hope that it gives a substantial boost to my Author Rank and also Author Sales Rank in Amazon.

If you know of another author who has gone through this program and you know some specifics about the results, could you please email me or leave a comment below to let me know what happened?

Thank you, and Cheers!

Patrick Fisher – Thailand

Hi Patrick,

You sent me a message, but the email didn’t come through, so I cannot respond. Send another msg. if you get this.

At any rate, your comments were right on – regarding a couple of my books. The books you read were some of my first attempts at the written word, and I’ve since insisted on using an editor for all books!

Fat chance you’ll see this because RSS feeds are finished, but who knows?



Recipe for Chaos – a Milestone Reached

Hannah Lindsay, literary editor
This is Hannah. Don’t let the cute cat fool ya.

Finally submitted the first chapter to the editor, and she tore that shit to pieces! So happy to finally get going on this. I’ll never be a writer that skips the editor. Nope, not after that crucifiction (I know). I’ll stick to writing good drafts and let the editor worry about turning it into magic.

New editor – happy as hell with her too. Oh, she’s related. No, not my sister, she has real life to worry about. This is my sister’s daughter. My niece. She’s cold as ice. A heartless wordfiend from the depths of western Pennsylvania!

She’ll whip me into shape.

Something better.

So, she looked at the INTRO for Recipe for Chaos – and she slaughtered me. No fear though, I’m coming back for more. Just need to edit another chapter before I zip it off to her. This one will take a while, so I asked if she had anything better to do than editing my 3 short stories while she was moping around the house. We’ll see what her answer is tomorrow.

If you need a book or article edited, and you want 100% straight-shooter, my niece Hannah is your girl. I mean, if she won’t blow smoke up my ass, she certainly isn’t going to let you off the hook. She’ll catch everything you dorked up, and help you straighten it out.