I basically started writing a little bit back in 1996 – doing a journal about some Buddhist meditation I was having fun with. I didn’t write my first full-length (125,000 words) fiction book until 2007. Since then I’ve written more than probably 99% of you reading this. I’m not bragging – just telling it how it is. I routinely write 4,000 words per day – but often I go WAY over that and I’m writing 15,000 words in a day. I had no idea how much I enjoyed writing – and I still don’t let myself believe it. I don’t remind myself of it – I just write because it’s a way I can produce something continuously day after *&^%ing day.

And yeah, it IS fun.

If you too have talent – and you know it – you might be asking yourself…

What’s my problem? There are hundreds and thousands of authors making a living through their writing – and I can’t even make half-a-living from it. What part of the equation am I missing?

It’s simple really.

You’re lacking in one of 2 areas:

1. Getting stuff written.

2. Telling people you have stuff written.

There’s nothing else to the equation for success really. If you already write amazing stuff – the next step is to market it. If you just have these mind-stopping ideas in mind and never get them written down in a tangible format that people can purchase – then you’re going nowhere at all – except in your mind.

For a brief time I was one of those writers – about a year. I knew I could write. I knew that if I could kick a profound case of ADD/ADHD I’d be writing up a storm – and selling stuff. Problem was – I focused on the “How” of the game for far too long – not writing – just planning.

I know two writers out there that are head, shoulders, assholes and elbows above the pack. They have a way with the written word that brings tears to my eyes.

They are my brother and sister.

These are two of the most talented writers on the planet – of that I am certain.

Both of them know they can write. They know they are gifted writers.

So why is my sister working in a retail store and my brother doing software testing with Kodak?

They can’t see that NOW is the time to throw the rest of their lives out the window and focus 100% on WRITING – nothing else.

Maybe you can’t see it either. Me – I fully see it because finally I’m selling enough books that it means something now. It took a lot of work to get over a dozen books online – but, you know what? It wasn’t that damn difficult! I can easily see producing another 10-12 books in 2011 and doubling my book sales. If I tripled it – I’d be happy as spit. What would you do to sell $3,000 in books per month? Yeah, well you don’t need to cut off your arm or gift your newborn to someone – you can just write a number of books and make it happen.

Once you start writing and selling – it’s addictive. You’ve probably sold something you created before – whether it was a song, a book, an article, or comments on someone else’s blog – god forbid. No matter what it was – it gave your brain a tiny DING – a shot of endorphins that instantly hooked you.

Getting paid to write something creates an obsessive behavior – obsessive writing.

If you can just sell SOMETHING you’ve written – you’d see that.

Recently my brother wrote me email… He told me that the short book he wrote almost a year ago and put on Amazon Kindle – had some sales he didn’t know happened. He was finally psyched up about the prospect of writing and getting paid for it. I have tried for almost 2 decades to convince the guy to stop everything he was doing – and write, write, write, write, write. My words went into his ear and out his ear without any action taking place.

All it took to get him seeing success was selling a few ebooks on Amazon Kindle.

That might be what you need too. If you are a good writer – and you have written something  you can sell on Amazon Kindle – start the game today and upload it. Create a description. Choose some keywords. Find someone to make you a decent book cover image (I’ll do it for $50) – and start the first day of the rest of your writing life.