That’s the short answer. I know writers that I’ve pleaded with to release e-books through Amazon that just didn’t feel confident enough to do it on their own, and they went with traditional paperback publishers. I know writers that did go straight to Amazon and have nothing good to show for it. A couple of book sales a week, a dozen a month. Those are not great numbers. Must have seemed like a waste to some of them.

One guy, in particular, can write very well, and the two e-books he released through Amazon have done virtually nothing for him. That’s odd to me because he built a website full of articles on the same topic and sold it for $200,000 cash. He can write. He just couldn’t score at Amazon. He has given up and is working on other things, like writing for other people for cash.

Just like there are only so many books that can sell well at the bookstores, there are only so many that can sell well at Amazon. There are many authors that will never have success there. Many will try, and be turned off when they get no results with the first couple of books. That sucks (for them) because maybe they just need to persevere and write some more. Maybe they need to figure out something that they are clueless about at the moment, but it could be cleared up within a month or so. Maybe if they wrote a lot this year, next year they could be KILLING IT.

Who knows?

I’m just glad to have found some modicum of success, however small. I am still motivated to write my ass numb and see what I can do on a bigger scale. I do hope other authors I know, family especially, give Amazon a good try before bailing out.

It is always those that push through problems, through boredom, through slow times, through obstacles of all sorts, that eventually win the game. Amazon is a great game to win. I could only imagine one other profession where I could possibly be happier – creating video for YouTube. In my mind, those two are the ultimate. Both of them are available to all of us right now. If you’re a writer, kick your ass this year and next and get some of your best work written and published at Amazon.

What can it hurt?