She trusts my advice… You can too. Start writing!!!

I’ve mentioned my brother and sister on this blog occasionally. My sis has a degree in English lit from Penn State, and my brother – I don’t know what in fuck’s name he graduated with – a bachelor’s in bible maybe? Whatever it was.

They are both going about their lives in the wrong way. I know that, I’m their older brother.

I was the one that fooked off during high school – pulling down a hail mary 3.14 high school grade average despite my best efforts to the contrary. I went from A to F to A to F in Trigonometry class, coinciding exactly with the ups and downs of my love relationship with the prom queen. I played soccer from the time I was 7, and probably didn’t read a book during high school. Later, I guess I made up for it, devouring Eastern Religion and Tom Clancy books like the fat kid eating popcorn at the show.

I went to the Air Force immediately after high school.

Study for college after just faking it through 4 years of high school?

Not me.

I didn’t get around to going to college until I was 24 or so – it’s all a blur. I got a master’s degree – and pulled a 3.8 something average, somehow.

I wrote 50-page papers for classes in my master’s program, but reading them now I shudder. I got A+ on every one, but, the writing was just atrocious. Sort of like when I look at some of the ebooks I’ve cranked out over the last two years. Mindwreckers if I look at them too long. It’s funny how much we learn as writers as time passes. I truly hope I have another couple dozen years to perfect the craft, because I’m going to need it.

This month looks like a record month. I’m set to pull in about half of what I have made at the top of my IT career ladder. That’s nice coin for doing nothing at all. Once the books are written – they make money no matter what I’m doing. I can go to the park and run laps, I can go climb a mountain or watch and still – we’re selling books like hotcakes. There’s something addictive about money coming in regardless of the effort we put in that day, week, month, or even year.

This isn’t the way it was supposed to be.

I was supposed to die on a motorcycle or in a war, or drunk driving or something. I honestly never thought I’d live to see 39 yrs.

But here I am, still kicking and cranking shit out like I’m terminally ill and have only my last days ahead of me to pull out a win…

I’ve been cranking since I started college back in the Air Force at University of Hawaii at Manoa.

I haven’t stopped.

I’ve been addicted to 3 things over my lifetime…




Advancement has taken many forms over the years, currently I’m channeling all my energy into I thought it would be fun this year to see how far I could take that site – since I’ve not focused on just ONE website – ever. I have 40+ websites right now… and they’re all OK – but, none is great. I thought – why not make great? (Update: Sold it in 2016)

Then Amazon ratchets sales up another notch. It is now my biggest income producer. I don’t know what the hell happened, but, it isn’t supposed to be this way.

I can write – yeah. Volumes.

I can write huge volumes of information. My mind just churns words out like NASA spits out data on a daily basis. I don’t know what the hell it is – but, it was a happy fucking day once I learned how to type fast enough to almost keep pace with how my mind was churning out information.

I’ve got 40 some websites and 23 ebooks out. I have 260 or more posts at this blog. I’ve got over 900 posts at and another couple hundred pages there. I have over 100 at I’ve got… anyway, I have heaps of articles out there… not to even mention about 40 articles on each of 14 sites for my friend on how to start a business.

All this within a few years now. Wow, wait, 5 years – time is flying.

This isn’t how it was supposed to be.

My brother and sister can write circles around me. They are excellent writers. They can write at a professional level. They know the parts of sentences – while I couldn’t care less. I never cared to learn. I’m making most of my money from book sales and I STILL don’t care to learn.

Bro and sis both have very creative minds. My brother writes songs, plays about six instruments, and has written a few screenplays. My sister has written poetry that is the flat-out best I’ve ever read – and I’ve read everyone’s poetry. Update: now she’s writing the most amazing short stories anybody has ever written. Not joking. Ask me for links if you’re into dark shorts.

My sister is working at Target. Update: she’s now working with two developmentally delayed twenty-somethings and getting beat up when they lose their minds. My brother is working as a head-hunter for his friend’s IT business. Update: he’s a software programmer and he has a radon inspection / fan installation business.

Neither of them think they have the time to write.

I think they don’t have the time NOT to write.

Life is rolling along man. Any one of these days one of the three of us is going to come down with something. Something nasty. Something fatal.

It will probably be me… but that will be fine if I can only convince at least one of them to start writing ebooks for Amazon and the other channels.

I have tried many times to show them that – if I can do it – any-fucking-body can do it. They could do it in a very big way. I’m sure of that. Some of you reading this – could too – in a very big way. Do you think Amanda Hawking had much self confidence after writing 17 books and having every one of them rejected by agents and publishers?

She kept writing and plugging away – she loved writing, I guess.

Do you love writing and you’re afraid of what people will say about your first book?

That must be it…

Or, you don’t have the self-confidence to know that you’re good enough already to forge ahead.


I didn’t even think about it. I just wrote. I thought – if people buy it – great. If they don’t – no matter, I’ll throw it on one of my websites.

People don’t expect much from websites.

Do you know how many people I had rip me new assholes for my first  ebooks to hit Amazon?

A bunch.

I changed some, but they’re all still there – and I’ve written 23 now.

I get the most creative MF’ers writing my negative reviews – they couldn’t be anything BUT competing authors. Who the fuck can write that intelligently – except them!

And that’s just one of the mountains that are a bit tough to get over when you’re starting out. You have to ignore the negative feedback and latch on to the ones that give you ANYTHING positive to go on – and focus on JUST THAT.

Keep going in spite of the negative reviews. Just keep writing.

Guess what? The majority of readers of books – do not have English lit degrees. They wouldn’t know flawless grammar if it bit their taint. The only people that give half a care about that – are other writers.

Fuck other writers.

Other writers – those you’re competing against – will be leaving you shite reviews from day one. Ignore them, or, find them out and confront them. That’s always my first reaction. As it is, there are three guys here in Thailand – that if I EVER see them – I’m going to get in their face and jack them right the fuck up until they take a swing at me, and then I’m going to bury them. Literally, and figuratively.

I have had absolutely enough from the fucking peanut gallery – and, rules in Thailand are…

Well… non-existent on some level. These people think they’re anonymous but I find out who 80% of them are. They’re wrecking my income, and pulling food out of baby’s mouth. I want to pull their tongues out of their face.

So, that’s what it is – you get the idea.

Now, back to the point.

My brother and sister are AMAZING writers… and they’re focused on shit that is making other people money, and erasing a good portion of their lives. They aren’t happy. They aren’t being rewarded like they should be.

They aren’t living life.

They deserve, like you deserve, to live life.

I’m living life – and I’m swimming in success.

Sure, it’s shallow-water success, but I’m swimming like a champ in it. I have more money coming in from things I’ve done and not doing any more with – than most people across the globe have coming in from 8-12 to 20 hours of work each and every day. That’s a fact.

If you could make $4,500 per month for shit you’ve done in the past… wouldn’t you?

It’s like, if I could show you how real this was… what a dumbass writer I am – you would start writing RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

Seriously. I’m that bad.

I have ideas… and my ideas get transformed into books. That’s the difference between me and you. My writing technique – blows. But, it matters, not at all… because I have ideas and I make books out of them. Some people buying the books – don’t hate them. They love the ideas – and give decent reviews of the books. Others hate the syntax and grammar – and ream me for it. These assmonkeys will always exist – there is no sense putting too much time into fighting them. Most of them are writers locked into contracts with legacy publishers that either – won’t give them back their rights to publish the ebooks themselves, or, won’t publish the ebook version because they still have paperback books to sell. I feel for them, sure. But, not so much that I’m cool about them fucking me over because they locked themselves into a bad situation.

What you have to do, if you decide to get into this game, is focus on the positives and steamroll your way into the ebook industry.

Kick fourteen kinds of ass – and just don’t stop. Don’t read reviews for the first year or two. Or EVER.

Write about ideas you have… forget about proper syntax and grammar. Really – 98% of the FUCKING WORLD – doesn’t know what proper English writing looks like. Nobody cares except your competition that is trying to screw you over for it.

I know that most of you that have never written a book in your life – have not been swayed to write one yet. Even after reading this – I’ve affected about .003 of you. If I can’t convince my brother and sister to start writing and change their lives – who can I hope to convince?