Meditation for Beginners - a 22 Day Course, simple book to get started with meditation.
This book has sold over 30,000 copies over the years at Amazon, Apple, and various other online ebook and print book retailers.

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I recently received the offer from Amazon to include my book in their PRIME program for a few months. I jumped at it. It includes a one-time payment which was meaningful, but not extravagant. I can’t disclose what it was, apparently.

Already, my author rank has jumped from 48,xxx to 22,xxx. Pretty big jump considering they only put it in the program a couple of hours ago.

Will let you know here on this page how it goes. Some authors have had fantastic success with their books in the program. Others, mild success.

I need some big numbers. It has been a long time since I was selling 50 books a day.