Hang Nak (Horn Nak) Mountain in Tub Kaak, Krabi, Thailand

Sit up here at the peak of this mountain and write, uninterrupted for hours.

You might be sitting in your house in the USA, UK, AUS, CA, and wondering how in the world you will be able to write books full-time. You can’t quit your job. You are too stressed to write most days. You have 75 obligations that you just can’t blow off. You have bills to pay, etc.

Move to Thailand.

I may never have guessed it, but – Thailand is the ultimate place to write books. Here are some reasons why…

1. You’d probably teach English while you’re here to make some cash. You can make $1,000 per month easily after taxes – which are like $30/mth. If you wanted you could teach private classes too and make another $500/mth. Jobs are easy to get, just have a college degree in anything. Literally anything. Between classes you can write. After school you can write. On the weekends you can write. Amazingly you’ll get October off, and 2 months between March and May off if you work for a government school with an English program. Paid 3 months off. You can write then.

2. If you don’t want to work in Thailand as you write books, you need not. My wife and I lived on $300 per month for over a year. We didn’t starve ourselves, we just lived like Thais. You can find a place to live for $30-45 per month and watch your expenses. Since you’re single, you can do twice as much as we did together.

3. There is little stress on a daily basis. Turn off CNN and forget about talk radio and other annoyances that have become your life, and which you think you cannot live without. You can. I have for 6 years. We don’t turn the TV on for anything except violence in Bangkok – which we’re far away from, but it does concern us if we need to travel.

4. Internet speeds are good enough for research. ADSL to your room will cost about $15/mth. Or you can use your mobile phone as a modem for your computer for $1.60/day whenever you want.

5. There are many things to see and do in Thailand. Caves, islands, waterfalls, snorkeling, diving, hikes, nightlife. I haven’t run out of things to see yet, and I’ve stayed in one area for 3 years.

6. You can publish quickly at Amazon.com’s Kindle Book program. It costs nothing. It’s fast. It allows you instantly reach the many people searching on your book topic. As you write and make sales you’ll gradually be making more money. This will, at some point, allow you to stop teaching and focus on writing full time.

7. Living in Thailand is not only good for your writing career, it’s good for your mental health. Thai people are nice to foreigners and offer to help if you need it. Thailand is a place where cares melt away and stress-free living rules. Try it and see if you don’t come away a completely changed person.

Next month I’ll have lived in Thailand for 6 years, 12 years. I wouldn’t have traded this time for anything in the world. You too can make a change this big. You can make it happen, just choose to do it. You have so many choices you don’t exercise over the course of your life – small and great. If you’re an aspiring or established author you’ll increase your productivity by moving to Thailand to write books.

Most of all, you’ll expand your mind – we all need this, yes?