Moving To Thailand book by Vern Lovic, for sale at Amazon, and other retailers.

Moving to Thailand , by Vern Lovic

Figuring out the big picture before your move to Thailand is part of it. Do you believe what morons are writing in the forums, or believe someone that has lived in Thailand for more than 6 years? I give it to you straight. I’m not here to be a cheerleader for Thailand. I enjoy the hell out of it. Doesn’t mean you will. There are many problems to solve and many things to think about. This book will help you bring it all out into the open so you can make the decision only you can make.
Covered in The Ultimate Guide to Moving To Thailand:

  • Pre-planning – before you leave your home country
  • What to Bring to Thailand?, and more importantly, what not to bring
  • Money Issues leave most at home or bring it?
  • Thailand Cost of Living – How little can you realistically live on?
  • Money Saving Secrets – Live on less than $300 per month, easily.
  • Technology – connecting to the internet… mobile phone essentials
  • Thai Culture – when to wai and when you’re about to get a bottle to the back of your head
  • Thailand Housing – how to choose, how to find it, what to expect
  • Thailand Visa – essentials
  • Making Money in Thailand – teaching as well as many alternatives given
  • Escape Plan – the best laid plans can fail. When is it time to throw in the towel?

If you’re moving to Thailand you can’t “do it yourself” without this book. Before I came over I drilled some guy I met online with over 100 questions. This book answers those questions and many more that I wasn’t even smart enough to ask six years ago.

If you buy another book about moving to Thailand you can bet your ass you’ll back here for this one when you arrive in Thailand and realize that the game is not the same as what you just read. This book is updated as of 9/2010. It is continually updated (though this page may not be).

Get this book.

PDF format – readable on all computers and many phones.

If you’ve already read any of Mike’s other guides, you understand that Mike leaves out NOTHING. It’s all in there and you don’t need any more. This book is worth $100. You can have it for three bucks…