Help with writing your book - fiction or non-fiction in 2017.

The first book, even the first ten or so, can be a hard slog, grinding it out on a fold up table in a corner of your room. The next book though?

2017 Help to Write Your Book – a New Service for Writers

I Can Help With Any of the Following Book Writing Issues

  • Understanding how the entire process works for writing fiction or non-fiction
  • Choosing a niche or genre
  • Formatting help – converting from text to MS Word; MS Word to Mobi; MS Word to EPub; etc.
  • Editing – proofreading help
  • Graphics help – including covers
  • Publishing a PDF, or at Amazon or Smashwords
  • Optimizing your book(s) for Amazon search results
  • Advertising your book on Amazon
  • Advertising your book on Facebook
  • You name it.

I’ve been involved with writing online since 1999 when my brother and I were making a killing creating ad-copy for nutritional supplements we were selling on eBay. We actually sold so much, we burnt out on it in a couple months. In 2007 I began publishing books in PDF format, then on Amazon, then Smashwords.

I’ve written and published over 40 books on Amazon during these ten years. I’ve done well, selling over 74,000 books during this time. I have a process that works for me – and I have a couple people I use to help me publish my books. I do some graphics myself – but I prefer to pay the very reasonable fee my graphics guy charges. I outsource editing to my sister – an English Lit graduate from Penn State.

I can help you with any problem – big or small. You might need twenty-minutes or an hour to drill me with questions and be done with it. You may need an honest opinion about your book. Whatever it is, use me as a resource.

If you fear the process – I can help.
If you want advice – I can help.
If you want services – I can help.

Fill out the short form below and I’ll send email within 24 hours.