I went through some of the comments on my books recently. I found a couple that weren’t so good, but no zingers like I used to find after just getting started publishing books where I had edited them myself. There were some bad sentences in those books. Still, the comments were from some disturbed people. Disturbed authors and wannabe authors that were coming to grips with the fact that my books were going to push them down in the Amazon results.

Sick comments on your books bring immediate wrath and uncontrollable mental agitation, cogitation, and violence. If I knew some of the commenters I’ve had, I would have flown to their city and cracked them in the head with a bat. I’m probably not joking. I have that impulse.

We all do.

Don’t we?

One truth about life is that you should never fight with anyone that has less to lose than you do. There are plenty of people out there that are doing worse than you are. PLENTY of them. When you move to a new country, Thailand for instance, probably 95% of the people you meet, have less going for them than you do. In the Philippines, I’d say it’s more like 98%. In Burma – 99.9999999x%. In Japan, they are probably doing better than you, so they don’t want to fight with you in Japan.

In the USA, if you’re so unfortunate as to be living there, you can count on the fact that 50% or more of the population is doing worse than you. Probably, since you’re reading this blog, roughly 80% of the population of the USA is doing worse off than you are. If you fight them, you can lose much more than they can lose.

I remember walking through Ybor City, Tampa, Florida one time with my buddy Dave. It was Friday or Saturday. It was either Halloween or the day after, and there was asshole after misfit asshole running around the streets acting like the missing link in human evolution. I remember thinking to myself, though I’d never heard the quote in the title of this article before…

Man, you don’t want to fight with some jackass that is living in a trailer park in the bad side of town. What would you gain?

And that began my avoidance of the whole Ybor City area, and areas like it. From then on, I only drank at the finest clubs in Tampa. Still, I met people that had nothing to live for, but at least at ONE TIME they did have something to live for. Money.

Anyway, this was just a comment that is maybe timed right in your life. Many people die for horribly stupid reasons. Fighting with people that don’t have a fucking bone in their bowl, shouldn’t ever happen.

I hope it doesn’t happen for you.