I’ve been fascinated with UFOs since 2013 when I had what appeared to be a liquid bubble of light come through my hotel window and formed into a perfect sphere, of a shade of white I have never seen before. A purity of white that I’d not seen. A truly mind-wrecking experience, I assure you.

Anyway, I’ve plotted a few books on the topic and nothing ever motivated me enough to actually start a book. That changed two days ago as I began writing the first book in a series of shorts about an abducted child of 8 yrs. old in a small town in Colorado.

I’m 12,500 words deep, and super excited about the series of 3 books. It could go more, I never really know as I write fiction stories. New paths are created from what’s happening and sometimes the story is longer than it initially appears. I’ve got three shorts of around 20,000 words in this without a doubt. It could turn into a ten-book-series if I’m not careful.

Are you writing anything? What about? Can you share any of it?