We all get in situations that make us feel stuck.

Most of us (me too) have been in situations where we wanted to hurt someone really bad… wanted to kill someone real bad. It happens. It’s life, right? Just talking straight up here – it’s life. We disagree with some people so much that we can hate them for a few seconds, few hours… maybe a lifetime.

Sometimes we go too far and kill someone. Even driving on the road – we can have disagreements with other drivers that really pisses us off, right? Happens all the time. One of my good friend’s dad shot the other driver after a car accident. It happens sometimes.

It’s not pretty, but no sense avoiding the reality of life… this kind of stuff happens.

I don’t know what happened between you and Mr. Closs or Mrs. Closs, or both. You did whatever you did probably based on emotions that were out of control at the time. That’s usually how these things happen. Who hasn’t lost their temper?? We all have.

I’ve been following young Jayme’s case since day 1 – trying to figure out what happened to the poor girl. I probably have some stuff wrong, but I think it’s obvious you didn’t want to hurt her from the start. I think she probably saw who you were, and you didn’t know what to do, so took her to try to figure out what to do later. You needed some time, and with the police on the way after the 911 call, you knew you had no time to mess around.

I don’t think you were really prepared for taking Jayme with you, but what were you going to do? If you knew she was in the house, you probably figured she’d be sleeping and you’d be on your way before she was able to see you.

Now you’re in a bind because you had to take her with you, and you don’t see a good way out of this mess.

I don’t have a perfect way out for you, but I have what I think is a pretty good way to get you out of this at least temporarily.

Maybe for decades. Maybe forever.

Keep Jayme safe where she is. Keep her warm enough. Fed enough. Lots of water nearby where she can reach it.

You’ll have to get away. There’s probably no other reasonable choice in your mind – you know that. Figure out now who you can call to tell them where to find Jayme. If you don’t know someone you’d want to do it, choose a stranger. Pick someone out now… Jayme’s teacher, a waitress at a local restaurant, anyone. Any adult. Or even tell a kid. Talk about changing a kid’s life for the better? You’d change that kid’s life forever…

Call, send an email, whatever. Somehow you’ll have to make it known to someone where Jayme can be found. Choose a friend if you want. The friend will probably get the reward money, and though you’ve done something wrong, your friend will have something for it.

You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you made a really good decision… you saved Jayme from an uncertain future. She’ll be able to start piecing together her life again, with the help of her family and so many friends.

Where can you go?

If it were me? I’d head to Alaska to a small town. Work my ass off for a while. Save some money, that would help me avoid whatever comes around. Do you know how many people are hiding out in Alaska????? I know a guy. That’s all I’ll say because what he did is nobody’s business but his own, but a friend from the past has been there for over a decade. He also did something wrong. He told me he feels the pain of it every day, but at least he’s somewhere free. That’s all that matters to him now.

I don’t know you, but I think that’s what I would want right now. Somewhere I could continue to be as free as possible.

You have a good chance to do that if you go quickly. You have a good chance to move far and change your name… change your history… change everything and start a new life. Thousands of people are doing that right now. They’re in Alaska. Some are in Mexico. Some are in Arizona and Wyoming. There’s people doing this more than you think.

Jayme deserves a chance at a free life too. Maybe you can give that to her, and at least rest easy about that.

Time can heal most everything… even Jayme can bounce back after this… believe it… and give her the chance…