Patrick Fisher – Thailand

Hi Patrick,

You sent me a message, but the email didn’t come through, so I cannot respond. Send another msg. if you get this.

At any rate, your comments were right on – regarding a couple of my books. The books you read were some of my first attempts at the written word, and I’ve since insisted on using an editor for all books!

Fat chance you’ll see this because RSS feeds are finished, but who knows?



Author: Vern Lovic

Vern Lovic is an author and photographer living in Southeast Asia - Thailand, for more than a decade. Vern has a strong interest in writing motivational articles and is also enthusiastic about many topics listed on the 'About' page linked to above. Vern specializes in long-form content, also called, 'evergreen content' of 1,000 words and longer. He has a master's degree from the University of South Florida. He has published over twenty books at Amazon and written millions of words of online content for websites over the past fourteen years. If you need high quality writing to compete with the best articles on the web, hire him today.