Phuket Native English Speaker – Writer, Author, SEO Expert

Freelance writer and SEO living in Phuket and Krabi Thailand and accepting work online.
Me and my daughter in a Phuket Cave.

Greetings! I’m an American native English speaker living in Southern Thailand (Phuket, Krabi, Surat) and Bangkok, Thailand for the past fourteen years as a “digital nomad” writer, SEO expert and web developer.

My SEO, Web Dev., Content Writer Resume. Or, contact me here.

Phuket Writing Services

I write at websites I own, and occasionally for other people on a contract basis. I have written millions of words at my own sites. Recently, I sold my Hawaii-focused site, to a local on Oahu. The site was getting over 3,500 unique page views per day. If you’d like samples of my writing, you can check there – 99% of the content is articles I wrote. Or, just have a look at some of the other websites at the bottom of this page. is my most recent online business project.

I am located in Southern Thailand where I live with my family, and I am looking for new writing projects and web development projects. I can write about many different topics, so do let me know if you have a need for a good writer. I am very familiar with most Thailand topics, as I’ve lived here for many years. I also know these topics well enough to write without much research:

  • cycling
  • triathlons
  • running
  • snakes and other reptiles (
  • trail running
  • mountain biking
  • surfing
  • bodyboarding
  • free-diving
  • Krabi (
  • Phuket
  • Bangkok
  • Isaan
  • psychology (MA degree)
  • motivation (
  • meditation (2 books)
  • mindfulness (1 book)
  • cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ripple/XRP)
  • online marketing
  • SEO
  • web development (100+ sites)
  • WordPress
  • fiction (2 books) and non-fiction writing (20+ books)
  • ebook writing process
  • YouTube (40+ million views)
  • and a lot more – Just Ask!

Phuket SEO Services

I began as a writer in 1998 as I needed to write to create pages optimized for search engines like Google, Yahoo, InfoSeek, and others. I’ve always enjoyed the top results from my SEO work, and I can help your website and articles achieve this level of quality too. It isn’t magic, but it does take attention to detail for hundreds of variables. In 1999 I started developing my own websites, and I have had some successful businesses online – most of which I’ve sold.

I have a master’s degree in counseling psychology, but I switched to the computer field in 1996. I have experience with helping kids and adults cope with life in this crazy world. I can write about psychology topics, but that was a long time ago! I have experience fixing computers, printers, and networks. I am certified with Microsoft as “Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer” (MCSE) but again, that was years ago. I still have my card and certificate – just ask!

Contact me here.

Thailand Writing Projects

I am looking for Writing / Editing / SEO / Web Dev projects I can do for a few hours (2-6) per day. My rate varies, of course, but feel free to send me a sample of what you need and I’ll send you a quote. I just finished a huge project where I wrote over 150,000 words for a resort owner in Phuket and I need to find something else.

I speak Thai, but not at a high level. My wife is very fluent and takes Thai-English translation jobs. If you have one, make contact through this form.

I’ve written thousands of blog posts about various Thailand subjects. I have an extensive list of articles I can link to your site from. My sites are highly placed in Google, and I have done only white hat SEO over the years.

Using Google, type some of these searches in and see if my sites come up:

  • ‘Thailand snakes’ (
  • ‘Thailand cobra’ or ‘Thailand krait’ or ‘Thailand rat snake’ or ‘Thailand yellow snake’ etc.
  • ‘moving to Hawaii’ or ‘living in Hawaii’ (
  • ‘petzl nao headlamp review’ or ‘petzl ultra rush headlamp’ (

I am also an author and have books currently at you can find HERE at my Amazon Author Page.

My Thailand & Other Websites (

  • Headlamps101
  • JoysThaiFood
  • ThailandSnakes
  • ThaiPulse
  • VernLovic
  • Crank101

Feel free to Contact me for any online project you have. Though not mentioned, I have dozens of other computer skills and I may be able to help you implement your online business.