Hannah Lindsay, literary editor
This is Hannah. Don’t let the cute cat fool ya.

Finally submitted the first chapter to the editor, and she tore that shit to pieces! So happy to finally get going on this. I’ll never be a writer that skips the editor. Nope, not after that crucifiction (I know). I’ll stick to writing good drafts and let the editor worry about turning it into magic.

New editor – happy as hell with her too. Oh, she’s related. No, not my sister, she has real life to worry about. This is my sister’s daughter. My niece. She’s cold as ice. A heartless wordfiend from the depths of western Pennsylvania!

She’ll whip me into shape.

Something better.

So, she looked at the INTRO for Recipe for Chaos – and she slaughtered me. No fear though, I’m coming back for more. Just need to edit another chapter before I zip it off to her. This one will take a while, so I asked if she had anything better to do than editing my 3 short stories while she was moping around the house. We’ll see what her answer is tomorrow.

If you need a book or article edited, and you want 100% straight-shooter, my niece Hannah is your girl. I mean, if she won’t blow smoke up my ass, she certainly isn’t going to let you off the hook. She’ll catch everything you dorked up, and help you straighten it out.