My girlfriend told me the saddest story I believe I’ve ever heard in my life.

Today she went to a special needs school to help volunteers teach at the school. She coordinates placements of volunteers to help poor or disadvantaged kids.

She showed me photos in her camera of a 7 yr old boy with multiple disabilities. He has autism and can’t speak. He grunts and makes noises. Apparently he understands some things he hears but it’s best to use hand motions to teach him or tell him what you want. His whole right side is weak as if suffering from a stroke.

The saddest thing…?

When he was born his parents realized something was wrong with him. They never treated him as a human being worth their time or effort to help – they treated him like there was something profoundly wrong with him and like an animal.

They soon divorced. When they did – neither his mom or his dad wanted the boy and they dropped him off at the dad’s mother’s house – who is very old and has no money coming in.

I’m not at the saddest part yet.

The most heartbreaking thing I think I ever heard was that the boy won’t let others touch him because he knows he’s not worth it. He knows he’s not human – he believes it with his entire self – that’s what he learned from his parents. He believes he is not human and not worth someone’s effort to praise, touch, or hold him. He won’t allow himself to feel any love because his self esteem is rock bottom.

Did you ever hear of such a thing?

Welcome to God’s Game 101. I’ll help you come to an understanding I have about whatever god or series of events made this absolute tragedy that we call life.

God must really have a good plan for this little boy, eh?