Here are some links to other Thailand fiction authors I have enjoyed reading.

Author: James Boedeker. Jim wrote me after reading my first fiction book. We even met here in Thailand as he visits yearly and the time worked for me. We met in Patong Beach and talked for something like 10-12 hours. Jim is an exceptional person, with a childhood most couldn’t have made it through – and more stories than you can shake a Colt .45 ACP at. He insists that I had something to do with motivating him to write down the stories in his head and make books out of them. To know that I inspired him in such a way that he actually did it – is very rewarding to me. He has already written three books! I’ll provide links to the others as he gets them to me.

Books: “Death Spiral

Author: Anjo Bordell.

Author: Joel Villines. Joel is a martial arts instructor in Southern California, that gets over to Thailand a couple of times each year. His first book, Dead Bangkok, is a wild ride featuring zombies in Bangkok that had me laughing and catching my breath so I could laugh some more. I have never read a zombie book in my life, but since it was set in Bangkok I decided to give it a try. I am very glad I did.

Books: “Dead Bangkok


Author: Paul Garrigan. Paul comes from Ireland, and wrote his first non-fiction book while here in Thailand. It details how he went from being hopelessly addicted to alcohol, to turning his life completely around and raising his lovely family on the outskirts of Bangkok.

Books: “Dead Drunk

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