This was back in 1996 when I wrote this (guessing). I was about 30 years old. I was a bit unsettled. I was angry at whatever god had created the mess we all live in. I wrote this in a couple days and posted it on my blog. I had all sorts of whacky stuff on that site. It was an experiment in publishing. In writing. In trying to affect people about things that were important to me. Things that were unexplainable to me.

I wrote this rant because I finally erupted and couldn’t take it any longer.

Couldn’t take what?

The thoughts in my head.

I was trying to come to grips with the world around me. God. Religion. Society. People. I didn’t get how it could all be so fucked up. I still don’t.

So, this little blurb is a precursor to the new book, Recipe For Chaos. You’ll have to excuse the sheer immaturity of it all. I was a man on fire. I didn’t know how to say things in a way that people could understand and climb into my head with me, I just blurted it all out the only way I knew how.

This is the rant that won me some sort of fame and accolades back then. The internet was young and there were people surfing around for something different. I had many readers write me saying they loved it and they wanted to hear more. An online radio station in Washington, DC wanted me to record my voice reading the rant and they were going to play it and share revenue with me (about year 2001). I declined their offer. Many readers wanted to meet with me. I met two people. Eve, and Mick. Both were amazing in their own right, and became friends for a long time. I’ve since lost touch, but only within the last couple of years.

As I re-read it for the first time in years, I found many parts hard to swallow. There are some brilliant bits, so I do hope you press through the slop to get there.

So, without any further hesitation…

God Rant (click for PDF)