President quotes on UFOs - Carter, Reagan, Johnson.

Presidents of the most powerful country on the planet are talking about UFOs. Whether man-made and we know about them, or alien made – something is quite obviously flying around up there.

Since I had the floating ball of light come through my hotel room window, I’ve put a helluva lot of time and thought into things I’d never before considered ‘worth my time.’ Funny how it does that to a man, right? If you haven’t yet read the description of this event, it’s here and here’s another. Both are well worth reading.

I just finished researcher, Richard Dolan’s latest book, “UFO’s for the Twentieth Century Mind.” Overall it was excellent! I was so glad to have read it because I wanted to see what the overall state of the phenomena is in Richard’s mind. Richard is one UFO researcher that I like better than any of the others. Hands down. He’s really the best of our time.

But, as much information as he had in his book to explain what he thinks are probably alien craft, I have some other ideas for what could be going on.

It just seems like the right questions are not being asked. Also, some possible explanations are never even mentioned. I’ll cover some of those here.

Let’s start with the mental health issue. Do sane people see bizarre things? I sure have in the past. I’ve never been out of my mind, depressed, or evaluated by a therapist for any mental issues. I have a master’s in psychology, I’d check myself into a hospital before anyone else would so I could get some help if I thought I needed it. I don’t need it. I saw a silent, snow-white ball of light come through my hotel window, slowly come toward me and stay about 4-5 feet from my face for a number of seconds. No noise. Like a perfectly round ball of LED light. Not glaring. Not reflective. Not cloudy. It was a quality of light I’ve never seen before.

So I know, without any reservations, weird things happen. If you haven’t experienced something totally out of the norm, you probably don’t really believe it. I can’t make you believe it. You will have to experience it yourself, and maybe someday you will.

Mental Health Status of UFO Witnesses?

But, here’s the thing, during a UFO investigation after a sighting, I have only heard one time where the question of mental stability came up. It was during a UFO presenter’s talk. He asked for questions. A member of the audience asked him if before he had these abductions take place he used to have these things in his mind first. He chose not to answer the question. The audience member that questioned him said, ‘well, I’ll take that as a confirmation.’ Everyone laughed. That was it.

I’ve watched HUNDREDS of videos about UFO sightings. How many times was the person asked about his/her mental health? I haven’t seen it. Why omit this from the reports? It’s never in there. Richard Dolan might have an answer for that one. I hope to hear from him on this.

With that part missing, it throws doubt on the entire event. That’s a major variable that hasn’t even been looked at. How can someone even talk about the event with any seriousness then? It makes me wonder what other questions haven’t been asked.

Jimmy Carter Cries Into His Hands

This was described by Richard Dolan and a number of UFO researchers including Grant Cameron, on a number of occasions. It’s a very powerful scene, if true. Apparently Jimmy Carter after becoming president, had a briefing about the UFO situation that was horribly upsetting to him. He was said to have been seen at his desk with his face / head in his hands, deeply distressed and crying about it.

A couple things about this…

1. Did nobody ever ASK HIM what he was crying about? WTF? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate follow-up question to help clarify this event? Isn’t it worth the trouble that would need to be gone through to ASK THIS QUESTION? Seems bizarre that no ‘investigator’ is talking about what happened when they asked Jimmy what in the world happened on that day.

2. If it’s true that this event actually happened, what could it mean? It could mean someone just dumped a load of shit so heavy that he just crumbled under the weight of it.

Maybe they told JC that the alien presence is real, we know a lot about it, they probably have a hostile agenda that will take many years to fully implement, but mankind will be under their control before long. He may have been told there was little the human race could do about it, maybe that these beings were hundreds of thousands of years ahead of us technologically. They could wipe us out in the blink of a strobe light, but they have a plan in motion to make it fairly painless on earth’s inhabitants. Undoubtedly, they will do as they wish.

That would bring a president to his knees, wouldn’t it? Knowing that the future of the human race was enslavement by a race far superior. Yeah, sure it would. That’s a really sick thought – isn’t it?

No Physical Proof of Alien Craft, Visitations, Abductions

Does anybody, anywhere on the ENTIRE planet have anything that was manufactured by aliens? Sure, dozens of craft have crashed. Tens of thousands of people have been abducted. Thousands of crop circles have been made.

And not ONE PERSON can come out to the world’s press and say, “Uhm, look here, I found this in my yard after a UFO crashed a couple hundred meters away. It is a piece of the debris from the craft. Let’s test it.”

Not one fricking person over the last 80+ years of the UFO craze?

Not one alien ever dropped something by accident that was found by humans later? Not a laser? A book? A chewing gum wrapper? A toenail? Hair? Blood? A finger? A condom? One tiny piece of craft? A wire?


That’s too much to believe. That’s far too odd. I’m telling you what. Let’s say a craft crashed at the top of the mountain I run on often. I’m usually the only one on the trail, I keep waiting for aliens to abduct me straight off the top of the mountain, but I guess it’s not going to happen. Anyway, lets say something crashes.

Know the FIRST THING I do?

I find a piece or couple pieces of the thing and hide it from everyone for a while until I bring it to a couple labs and have it tested. I also throw some other pieces in a lockbox and bury it in a waterproof container in my yard.

You know how much money that piece of alien technology would be WORTH? A trillion dollars, easy. That would be the most valuable artifact anyone had ever found anywhere, any time. A trillion frickin’ dollars. Nobody ever saved one piece of craft or an alien’s FINGER or EYEBALL?

SURELY SOMEONE ELSE HAD TO DO THIS ALREADY! Come on man. Are you asking me to believe that NOBODY HAS DONE THIS?

I can’t believe that. That, to me, makes the whole idea of landed craft, crashed craft, and alien visitations a real hard pill to swallow. Somewhere someone was smart enough to hide some pieces somewhere. Did a saucer never crash near anyone with more than a 70 IQ? I don’t get it. I’m not getting this at all.


So, we have these supposed alien made aircraft buzzing around our planet. WHAT IN THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING? Putting on air shows? Are they like, ‘we came 65 trillion miles across the galaxy so we could show you that our saucers can zig-zag?’

What? That’s it? They can shoot off near vertically into the sky in an instant. WOW… woo-hoo. How fucking impressive is that, and what is the message they could be sending?

For the last 80+ years, on a very frequent basis, if you believe the reports, these craft have been hovering in the sky, landing at times, and zig zagging at right angles. For what? What is the point? I don’t see the point. What could they be doing?

Let’s assume they really did come from light years away. You’d think they would either:

1. Communicate something to us.

2. Hide from us so completely that we’d never see them.

But, no. They have lights on their craft. Sometimes the entire craft seems to be lit up. They hover over whole towns for 10,000 people to see. They hover over airports. Nuclear facilities. Oceans.

What is the message?

There’s no message, unless it’s “We’re here.”

So the fuck WHAT? Here for what? Surely the message for the last century couldn’t just be, “We’re here.”

What point would that make?

We’re here. We can outrun your jets. We can fly higher than your jets. We can knock out your nuclear weapons at will.

Are those the messages?

Seems like so little. Seems like there is either something mind shattering coming up, or the aliens are just stupid blips that we can ignore and shoot them down when they come in our air space.

When does the real game begin? I mean, there must be some objective here. There must be some more communication coming up that shows their true intent – whether benevolent or malevolent. But every year that passes, everyone that has seen a craft just shakes their heads in wonder.

What is going on?

Are they just up there observing so they can figure out the best way to setup a Hunger Games scenario?

Are they well-meaning and just want to show us that there are others in the cosmos and that our little planet is more important than we might think?

Are they scouting the place out before they purchase the rights to it? Maybe there are hundreds of alien races that are bidding on it. Who knows. Doesn’t sound that outlandish to me. Why does it take them a hundred years to draw up terms for it if they’re so smart.

Are they that smart at all?

Seems like the interpretation is all up to us.

Unless some governments have been contacted. Maybe some leaders of our world have already been contacted. Maybe they know what’s up. I can’t believe that’s true though. You know why?

Picture this… Jimmy Carter and Clinton had kids. Obama has a daughter maybe two? Can you imagine if all the sudden, the ‘powers that be’ briefed you for a week about all the aliens that were visiting the planet, and what they were doing here?

I think first thing we’d see is POTUS building shelters under the ground and locking his children inside to be ‘safe.’ I mean, what would your reaction be as a father – president or not? Mine would be to go into lockdown. My family wouldn’t leave the house, they wouldn’t go anywhere. They would not be in the open where they could be abducted or even contacted by aliens.

But we don’t see this craziness happening.

That could mean a few things.

1. Presidents and nearly nobody else – knows anything at all. They don’t know the real reason aliens are visiting. There is a massive elephant in the room and everyone ignores it because there really is nothing at all that can be done about it.

2. Presidents and some others KNOW, but the explanation about why the aliens are here sounds reasonable and they’re not flipping their shit about it. They’re just accepting that this is life and we’re all safe as kittens.

3. They’re hiding the fact that they ARE wigging the hell out, and those in high level government have some sort of escape plan, some sort of secret place to hide if an alien invasion is eminent. Richard Dolan calls it a “Breakaway Civilization.” These are the people that have benefited from the acquisition of alien technology we’ve collected in crashes, back-engineered, and are now using. The CIA, or some other group may be traveling to planets across the Galaxy or Cosmos with this technology. There may be a secret space program. We might have people living on the moon or mars.

So, I don’t know. There is something going on with weird stuff flying around our skies. There are thousands of people that are claiming to have actually been ABDUCTED by beings NOT OF THIS WORLD. Doesn’t that freak you the fuck out? It does me, because either these people are completely off their gourds, or they were abducted by something.

Either of those two scenarios makes me fear going out the door.

But I’ve seen something too. It didn’t abduct me. It floated there motionless in my hotel room. I haven’t the slightest idea what it was. I can guess all day, but nothing makes more sense than anything else. A ghost, plasma, a visitor from another dimension, another galaxy, something from our own planet, a brainfart that made me dream in the middle of a waking moment?

I don’t know. I haven’t ANY answers. I do have a healthy skepticism about the whole thing, but it is far too obvious that something is going on and the general public – you and I, don’t have the answers.

Fook out…