Vulture waits for child to die.

Probably you feel something as you look at this photo…

What do you feel?

Me? I feel disgust… outrage… hate… a real hate I guess… an overwhelming, “what the Fook kind of world is this?” kind of hate.

But hate who? Who did this? Is the baby responsible? The baby’s parents?

Maybe the vulture for having a taste for flesh of all sorts?

Maybe you, maybe you didn’t send enough money somewhere to help all the kids in the world? There are starving kids. Kids being raped during wars. Kids prostituted in poor countries. Kids sucking gristle out of rat neckbones and snakes to survive. Didn’t YOU send enough money to help every one of them out? Of course not, you couldn’t.

So hate who? What?

Maybe, like me – you understand that the baby, the baby’s parents had little to do with this poor child’s health. Probably. There are millions of children and adults near death because they aren’t getting enough to eat everyday.


God or whatever clown set us up with this game fucked some of us REALLY GOOD as you can see by the photo. When do we start getting angry at the CAUSE? The cause is not poor distribution of food… something came before that.

Isn’t it ridiculous to blame mankind for not solving the problem? The problem came so long ago… way before there were enough people for a society to even exist. Way before we had any way to approach the problem of people not having enough food and water in deserts. 

The problem is that the entire world was created with a sinister plan… the strong survive. The smart survive. Those that have, have more because they want more. Those that have not – will likely never have.

It’s “Game On” here on this spinning blue shit-ball. You’re playing, I’m playing, and the two creatures in the photo above are playing. Nobody chooses their place in the game, we only live with what we’ve been given and move forward. Some move forward to an unsatisfying life. Some go on to excel. You can be sure that the child above isn’t satisfied. You can be sure that he didn’t choose that existence. You can be sure that he doesn’t “get it” that he was supposed to fight to overcome his environment.

Maybe he should have fought harder – right?

Fuck… the kid was born to die, as were so many across the globe.

God, whatever started this game, really chose to create a horrorshow – didn’t it?