Great keyboard for professional writers. HP Probook

The HP ProBook series has the nicest keyboard I’ve ever used. I write somewhere around a million words per year and so my fingers, my hands, are sensitive about how much I push a key, how keys are spaced on the keyboard, and how fast I can type comfortably on the keyboard.

Before I buy a notebook the first thing I do is try the keyboard and type a few paragraphs on it to see what the feel of it is and how many errors I make. For a professional writer it doesn’t much matter how fast your processor is. Only a couple things matter to me – and probably the one that matters most – is keyboard feel.

I have tested many keyboards over the years – owning 20 notebooks and maybe a dozen desktop computers. Prior to finding this gem I preferred an IBM notebook keyboard, and it didn’t matter all that much which one because they were all very good. It took me about six separate visits to the HP store to finally decide this keyboard on my 13″ ProBook  is The One.

The HP ProBooks – though mine has a wickedly weird battery charging problem with it – have very easy to type on keyboards and I recommend you try one to see whether it fits you as well as it does me.

Have you tried any any chiclet style keyboards that you really enjoy?

Which is your favorite keyboard, and why?

Want to see the latest keyboard from Apple? The MacBook Pro used to be my favorite keyboard, but now I have to really consider whether to get this new MacBook with this revolutionary keyboard because I’m typing very well on it.