Thailand - best place in the world to writeChew on that question for a bit and let me present my case for Thailand being the best place in the world to write for a living.

I hadn’t thought much about it, though it’s quite obvious to me after fourteen years in Thailand.

Thailand is, if not the ultimate, it’s one of the best places to come to live your life as a writer.

Cost of Living

Cheeeep. My wife and I, for one year, survived on $300 USD per month. Where can you do that in America? Canada? Mexico? You can’t. The cost of living in Thailand is freakishly low, and in fact, the per capita income is something like $200 per month. The flight here will cost $1,000 – 1,500. Once you’re here, if you just need to subsist and have basic internet and food – and you’re not a drinker or crack addict you’ll be able to live on $350-500 per month without resorting to eating silkworms, bamboo worms, scorpions, and crickets – but you could if you wanted to.


Many writers just write for a living in Thailand. It’s quite possible. If you can make $500 per month from your various writing assignments, consistently, you can call yourself a full-time writer and be living the dream – doing nothing but writing.

Some take jobs teaching English. Teachers make, on average, about $1,000 per month. Of course, it takes 8 hours of your day that you could be writing. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in anything you can teach English in Thailand. There are some more requirements, and I’ve written a book about teaching in Thailand.

Natural Beauty

I spent 6 years in Hawaii and 14 years in Thailand. Thailand compares very favorably with the beauty of Hawaii. It’s much more diverse – with amazing beaches, islands, and cool mountains in the north. Thailand is every bit as beautiful as Hawaii.

Stress as a Writer in Thailand?

My stress levels moving from the pressure-cooker USA to Thailand have dropped by a factor of 25. I no longer worry about things that I used to. The food is absolutely amazing. The people – pure gold. Temperature? I thrive in warm climates so the heat isn’t bad for me, it does get cooler in the northeast if you want to go there to write. Car insurance? It’s $25 per year. Health insurance? You don’t need it. My friend had 2 brain surgeries after a motorbike accident – stayed in a hospital a month. Bill? $2,200 USD.

Imagine a place where you can speed your vehicle at will and never worry about a speeding ticket. Yes, it’s paradise to live in Thailand as a writer. You can write daily without the little things bothering you. I have had a couple years of writing 1,000,000+ words. This year won’t be any different. This year I’ve already completed a couple e-books and I’m 50 pages into “Collecther” – a thriller killer novel, and 30 pages into “Spicy Thai Diet“.

Thailand is the best place to write if you’re a full-time writer and need low stress, fun, and new experiences to fuel the fire of your creativity.

Any questions?