I’ve said it at some time during the past, I know. I labor over decisions in which I have to spend a lot of money to buy something that isn’t absolutely essential for my own, or my family’s well-being.

A few nights ago I learned something.

Whiskey helps me buy shit.

I have been looking at the line of Suunto Ambit2 and Ambit3 sports watches for, oh about a year. I haven’t been able to pull the plug and buy one because:

  • I’ve never paid more than $75 for a watch in my life.
  • I could buy a computer for the price I could buy a Suunto watch for.
  • There are no stores anywhere near me where I could look at one.

I dropped my phone for the sixth time two days ago and it finally gave up the ghost. Immediately I went shopping at the malls for a phone. The one I broke, a Samsung Galaxy S3, was nowhere to be found. Old news. Only S4, S5, and Note 3’s were available. All were over $500 USD. I only paid $340 for my S3 about 18 months ago. I wasn’t paying $500 for any phone.

I could buy a notebook computer for that amount. That’s how I evaluate expenses so they make sense to me. I compare everything expensive to the cost of a notebook computer.

I came home and wife gave me the $40 Nokia candy-bar phone. I lived with that for a day. It was evening. I had a thought.

For $500 that I’m going to end up spending ANYWAY – I could buy a Suunto watch AND a phone. The phone would be a P.O.S., but at least I could have the Suunto with a heart rate monitor too!

Catastrophe became opportunity.

But not yet it didn’t.

I commenced to shopping online. Amazon,, Ebay, Thai stores online. Prices were outrageous. I focused on Ebay because they had many for sale. Then I thought… I’ll get one second-hand. I searched – they all were beat to hell. I saw the Ambit2 R and checked out the specs again. It worked for me. The main difference was that it didn’t have the barometer inside for the elevation readings. It has GPS and does read elevation from the maps it has stored in memory, which are better than the barometer’s accuracy if YouTube videos from owners are to be believed.

I searched for Ambit2 R with heart rate monitor. After a few minutes I found a new one. Seller rating was only 199 positives which I usually just pass over. This time I stayed with it. I looked at the feedback – he had sold all Suunto watches and got amazing feedback over the past year. The price was $270, buy it now. I looked at the Buy It Now button and thought about it. I said…

There is no way in HELL I’m paying $270 for a watch.

I walked out of the room. Peed. Found a snack. Figured I needed something to wash down the snack. Beer Leo was nowhere to be found, but I did have a bottle of whiskey that I kept for just such an occasion. I poured some and topped it off with water. I drank it and sat down at the computer.

There it was – $270, staring me in the face.

The guy had already sold 5 of them and there was 1 more left. He had sold 5 that same day, which meant there were many people grabbing this deal. I quickly searched phones to see what phone I could buy for $150 that might give me email I could use with a touchscreen. I found a cheap Samsung that would do the trick.

Hmm. Still I wasn’t ready. I reached for a drink. It was already empty. Damn that thing!

I poured another. Sat down. Pounded it. Looked at the screen some more. Searched Ebay AGAIN to see if there was any better deal. Nope, that was it.

Then like magic, I started to feel a bit more confident in myself.

I looked at the Buy It Now button. I looked at the silly blue phone on my desk. I looked back at the Buy It Now button, and I… SMASHED THAT THING!

It was like setting the hook on a fifteen pound cobia while flats fishing Tampa Bay. I wasted no time confirming the Paypal payment and was off to the races.

Then I had to wait all weekend for a confirmation from the guys selling it. It is now Monday at noon which means Sunday at midnight for them and I’m not going to hear from them for at least another twelve hours. Then I’ll be sleeping. So another 20+ hours and I’ll have something to go on. Something to jump up and down about.

And that’s how it goes.

Whiskey helps you make decisions. If you find yourself struggling, pour yourself a glass. Then another. Then, make your decision.

You cannot go wrong.