Short Stories Experience

Just finished up my “Bumpy” short story. First draft is thirty-two pages. I thought it would be about ten, but as it turns out, the story took a little twist and people died. That’s the way it usually seems to go with my short stories, if you’ve read any of them, you get the idea.

So, you know how when you finish a novel and you’re dreading the first couple of edits?

With shorts, there’s no fear. Thirty-two pages? I’ll cruise through that in a day, two days max. I’ll have that sucker up at Amazon before the week’s over, assuming I can get my sister to have a look at it and give me her two cents.

Shorts are my bag baby. Like fiction novels, I am NOT a masterful short-story writer. However, this third attempt at it is interesting and it takes a little twist. That covers two priorities I had while writing this one. My next short needs to drop a bomb inside people’s heads. Like my sister’s shorts. I need to see brains hit screens as people read the next one.

If you know any brains-hitting-screens short stories you want to share with me, send them!



[Image by Ramon Snellink at Flickr creative commons.]